Eagles vs. Colts: Live news, notes and analysis


Philadelphia Eagles football is finally back! They open up against the Indianapolis Colts today, here is a live post with some news, notes and analysis!

1st Quarter

Drive #1 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Eagles open up the game with a poor kickoff from Cody Parkey, but the defense allows just one first down and then tight end Coby Fleener drops a pass on third down.

Bennie Logan had an impressive stop in the running game, Brandon Graham had a nice play in coverage where he made a tackle for a short gain

– Great punt by Pat McAfee and…Riley Cooper is returning? That’s weird. But it bounces into the endzone for a touchback.

Drive #2 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– First play is a play action pass where Mark Sanchez had tight end Trey Burton wide open but was late and missed him deep.

– A little fancy action from Sanchez where he fakes the handoff and pitches it out to Riley Cooper.

Darren Sproles was wide open running across the field and Sanchez throws it to him as if he was 6-5…sounds familiar.

Drive #3 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

Fletcher Cox with a beautiful stop in the running game on the very first play of the drive, Bennie Logan got a ridiculous jump on the snap…almost looked offsides.

– Once again, Eagles’ D is stout in the running game, Cedric Thornton and others combine for a stop.

–  Andrew Luck gets two different Eagles to jump offsides and completes a pass for a first down on free play during a third down.

– Bennie Logan with another quick jump off the ball, this time he gets the tackle to go with it.

Nolan Carroll gets beat inside on a post to Andre Johnson but that was outstanding coverage.

– That’s it for Andrew Luck, his day is over in the middle of the drive…that’s weird.

– Bennie Logan is absolutely dominating in the running game, just too damn quick for a nose tackle.

Najee Goode with some bad coverage there, gross.

– Colts are in the red zone, Marcus Smith alert and he immediately makes a tackle in the running game. Woah!

– Then Marcus Smith sticks with Coby Fleener and it falls for an incompletion.

Emmanuel Acho finises the drive by diving to break up a pass to speedy Phillip Dorsett.

– Colts settle for a field goal and they’ve got a 3-0 lead.


Drive #4 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Sanchez opens the drive with another high pass.

Ryan Mathews gets his first carry as an Eagle with a solid 5-yard run where he took some hits.

– Sanchez puts on his greatest Tony Romo impression by sliding up and dodging the pressure for a first down.

– Ryan Mathews with another good run, this one for 13 yards where he leaps over a defender as well.

– Sanchez throws it high again but this time Jordan Matthews comes down with it, another first down.

– ANOTHER WIDE OPEN TARGET! …and Sanchez misses him badly, unbelievable.

– Woah! Nelson Agholor’s first catch is a touchdown where he shows off his wheels, beautiful catch and play!


Drive #5 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Parkey makes up for his rough kickoff earlier with a boomer that is caught in the back of the end zone.

– Emmanuel Acho is all over the field, impressive start from him.

E.J. Biggers with great coverage of rookie speedster Phillip Dorsett.

Drive #6 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

Matt Barkley in, Sanchez is out. Yes!

– Beautiful throw by Barkley on a play action pass to Matthews.

Miles Austin with one hell of a catch on a wobbly pass by Barkley.

Kenjon Barner runs threw a wide open hole for another Eagles’ touchdown!

– Cody Parkey whiffs on the extra point kick from the further distance. It was long enough but wide right, something to watch for now.


Drive #7 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Parkey makes up for the missed extra point with another booming kickoff for a touchback.

– Najee Goode whiffs on a tackle, just fell off the running back.

– That’s all for the first quarter, an impressive start for the Eagles’ offense, besides Sanchez’s struggles with his accuracy.

2nd Quarter

Drive #7 continued (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Marcus Smith and Jordan DeWalt-Ondijo with an impressive stop in the running game.

– Eric Rowe gets beat across the middle of the field but doesn’t give up and punches the ball out, impressive play.

Drive #8 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Impressive deep pass by Barkley to Trey Burton for a first down.

– Barkley has the ball batted down and then intercepted at the line of scrimmage, rough play.

Drive #9 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Nothing really stands out on this drive except a couple of bad passes by Matt Hasselbeck.

– Overall the Eagles did a solid job in coverage but there were open receivers that Hasselbeck just missed.

Drive #10 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Strong run by Barner to start the drive, picks up 6 yards on a cutback.

– Matt Barkley scramble alert! He almost gets sacked but picks his feet up and gains a few yards.

– Nelson Agholor with an awful drop, would have been a first down. Looked like he was trying to turn upfield before he secured the catch.

Drive #11 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

Jaylen Watkins with a whiff on a tackle, ugly attempt.

Beau Allen and Brandon Bair combine for a strong stop in the running game.

– Marcus Smith with a great stop in the running game, beats the tackle inside and stops the run for no gain.

Drive #12 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Former qurterback G.J. Kinne in the game at wide receiver!

– Nelson Agholor draws a pass interference call after beating the cornerback down the sideline.

– Raheem Mostert with his first carry and gains 8 yards and then follows it up with a run for a first down.

– Barkley does his best Sanchez impression and throws a little high to Burton.

– Eagles going for it on fourth down with 4 yards to go in the red zone and come up short. It’s preseason so it’s time to experiment.

Drive #13 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Recent addition Diaheem Watkins with a strong tackle in the running game.

– Watkins in on run support again, he’s doing an impressive job in that aspect thus far.

– Najee Goode with another missed tackle but Eric Rowe and Chris Maragos combine for a tackle and forced fumble. Colts recover the ball.

– Beau Allen gets in Hasselbeck’s face and hurries the pass.

Drive #14 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Rasheed Bailey with an impressive catch, kid has a great story.

– Eric Tomlinson showing some YAC skill for a 6-6, 263 pounder. That’s a big ol’ boy.

– Nelson Agholor shows his YAC ability again but could have gotten a couple more yards by cutting to the outside.

– Agholor with another catch and makes another defender miss for a first down, takes us down to the two minute warning.

– Impressive catch by Barner, he didn’t gain many yards but showed strong hands on the play.

– Barkley just misses Seyi Ajirotutu in the end zone, just a couple inches out of his grasp.

– Parkey redeems himself and nails a 40-yard field goal.


Drive #15 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

Brad Jones with a stop on special teams and then a tackle after a gain of 8 yards as well.

– Hasselbeck looks really, really bad. Just inaccurate passes all over the field.

– E.J. Biggers with a great pass break-up on third down. That’s two impressive plays in coverage for him on the day.

– Kenjon Barner wit a 92-yard punt return touchdown to cap off the first half, such an impressive return!


Drive #16 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Cody Parkey with another iffy kickoff but that’ll do it for the first half.

3rd Quarter

Drive #17 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Barkley is back in at quarterback to start the second half.

– Raheem Mostert starts the second half with a solid run for 6 yards.

– Mostert follows that up with a huge YAC play making multiple defenders miss, showcased his impressive speed.

– Matt Barkley almost picked off again on a deflection, uh oh.

– Parkey just barely squeezes in a 48-yard field but it still counts.


Drive #18 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Parkey with another strong kickoff, he’s been inconsistent there thus far.

– Brandon Bair and Brad Jones continue to impress, strong play against the run.

– Marcus Smith got fooled badly by quarterback Bryan Bennett on a keeper.

– Jaylen Watkins with strong coverage down the sideline, bats down the ball.

– Eric Rowe tips a pass and it’s almost picked off by Ed Reynolds.

– Bennett making plays with his feet, taking advantage of the Eagles having no idea he can run the ball.

– Chris Maragos with a great job in coverage, breaking up a pass.

– Marcus Smith makes an impressive play in coverage, dives to break up a pass in the end zone.

– Travis Raciti, Jordan Hicks and Jaylen Watkins all miss tackles on a touchdown run. Gross!


Drive #19 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):


– Tebow’s first play is a hand-off to Mostert that breaks off another impressive run.

– Tebow throws a quick pass outside to Ajirotutu and he picks up a first down after making some tacklers miss.

– Strong throw by Tebow to Tomlinson to pick up a first down on third and 12.

– Tebow fumbles the ball on a handoff because he didn’t know if he wanted to hand it off or not.

– Tomlinson with another catch, good throw by Tebow.

– AND ANOTHER CATCH for Tomlinson. The duo is unstoppable…apparently.

– There’s the Tebow we all know and love, throws a pass that’s way too high.

– Cody Parkey misses again! This time from 34 yards, oh no!

Drive #20 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Eric Rowe with a strong play to stop a screen pass for a short gain.

– Brad Jones showing up today, very impressive against the run.

– Brian Mihalik with the sack, just a coverage sack but he got off the tackle’s block and moved inside.

– Marcus Smith was playing ILB and spying on Bryan Bennett during that last play which resulted in a sack by Brian Mihalik.

Drive #21 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

Tim Tebow with one hell of a throw by putting it where only Rasheed Bailey can get it and he makes a ridiculous catch.

– That’ll do it for the third quarter, on to the final quarter of the Eagles’ preseason opener!

4th Quarter

Drive #21 continued (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Tebow keeps the ball and picks up five yards.

– Following play, Tebow stands in the pocket and throws the ball right into the dirt.

– Tebow loses a whole lot of yards by running backwards and then getting sacked. Drive is over.

– Kip Smith makes his Eagles debut with a decent punt but it didn’t hang in the air for too long.

Drive #22 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Eagles continue to dominate against the run, even their third and fourth string players look effective against nearly every running play.

– Duron Carter drops another pass but E.J. Biggers with another strong play in coverage.

Drive #23 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Tebow is flushed out of the pocket and throws the ball out of play.

Kevin Graff is destroyed on third down and Tebow is eventually sacked, not a very good “drive.”

– Kip Smith with another underwhelming punt, doesn’t hang the ball up there like Donnie Jones does.

Drive #24 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Denzel Rice getting snaps in the slot.

– Brad Jones continues to make plays against the run, stays with Bennett on a keeper.

– Ed Reynolds with an impressive play where he comes across the field and picks off a lofty pass by Bennett.

Drive #25 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Tim Tebow is getting no time in the pocket, offensive line struggling in pass protection.

– Raheem Mostert with another impressive run, his quickness really shows whenever he touches the ball.

– Tebow gets rocked and throws a pass into the dirt once again.

– On third down, Tebow makes a good throw at the sticks to Freddie Martino but he drops the pass.

– Kip Smith with a strong punt, hangs the ball in the air for a long time and the returner muffs it out of bounds.

Drive #26 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Ed Reynolds almost gets another interception with a great break on an out route.

Bryan Braman gets pressure on Bennett but he somehow slips the tackle attempt and throws an incomplete pass.

– Reynolds jumps another route for his second interception of the game, very impressive play by him today.

Drive #27 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Tim Tebow throws to absolutely nobody, just an awful throw.

– Cody Parkey looks like his old self and makes another field goal, as he should.

– Parkey then booms a kickoff right through the back of the end zone.


Drive #28 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Bryan Braman suplexes Bryan Bennett and forces a fumble which is scooped up by rookie cornerback Randall Evans.

Drive #29 (Eagles’ O vs. Colts’ D):

– Kevin Monangai with an impressive run after finally getting some good blocks.

– Monangai then gets swallowed up int he backfield.

– Tebow keeps the ball and runs it in for a touchdown!

– Parkey makes the extra point, that’s a good sign.


Drive #30 (Eagles’ D vs. Colts’ O):

– Najee Goode with another missed tackle, that makes four by my count.

– Travis Raciti makes up for his whiff earlier with a tackle against the run for no gain.


Eagles are victorious in their first preseason game of the year, check back for more following the game right here at Inside The Iggles!

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