Eagles Analysis: What’s next for the 2015 season?


It would take a braver man than me to predict the outcome of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ 2015 season.

After three games, no one really knows what the Philadelphia Eagles have or how good, or bad, they could be. In some ways, the worst possible things have happened. Close defeats, poor performances, injuries, struggling new players… The list goes on.

However, the Philadelphia Eagles are 1-2, which is not a lost season, yet. Teams have gone on to the Superbowl after being 1-2. Teams have also picked in the top five after starting 1-2. Where the Philadelphia Eagles go next, no one really knows and there are several indicators that the Eagles could go in either direction.

Firstly, the concerns. Injuries to key players like linebackers Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks, alongside running back DeMarco Murray have hit hard. Kicker Cody Parkey has been placed on injured reserve, along with lineman Anthony Gardner, who are both now lost for the season. Disruption through injuries is never good. Teams spend all year planning a scheme based around their starters. If it gets disrupted week in, week out, no momentum can be built. Even if Murray, Kendricks and Alonso may only miss a few weeks, it is still disruptive to the flow of the season as a new team tries to gel.

The wide receiver position hasn’t started the season well. All key players at the position have been guilty of dropping the ball far too often. Rookie first round pick Nelson Agholor has underperformed. Veteran Miles Austin has been awful. This should be a talented group of players, but right now they look like they miss Jeremy Maclin, who departed in free agency to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Finally, the running game. Yes, it picked up in the first half against the New York Jets, allowing Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles to have some success. However, this season should feature DeMarco Murray as the lead back and he has not started well. Can the O-line provide some blocks to allow Murray to get downhill? Now that Gardner is gone for the season as well, there will be another new face in the starting mix. That can’t help consistency and teamwork as the line look to gel and settle together.

Now for the good news. The Philadelphia Eagles have a W on the board. Victory over the Jets was key, however it came. They now have a winnable fixture away at the Washington Redskins and could easily be sitting here at 2-2 by Monday morning. momentum is key and a streak of two wins will help everyone in Philadelphia relax a little.

The defense looks like a top unit. Coordinator Billy Davis has done a good job in the offseason revamping the defense. The most notable contributors so far have included rookie Jordan Hicks, who is outperforming expectations at the position. The unit has also managed to get a W on the board without key contributors Kendricks and Alonso. Safety Walter Thurmond looks solid in partnership with Malcolm Jenkins, who has continued his impressive form.

There are foundations on which the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles to build. However, these foundations are a little shaky. The team could just as easily finish 13-3 as they could 4-12. My bet is that they finish somewhere around 9-7, which may just be enough in the awful NFC East.

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