Who are the Eagles five most disappointing players?

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Nelson Agholor, Wide Receiver

Expecting pro bowl play out of a rookie is foolish, but expecting at least decent play isn’t to harsh right? Nelson Agholor was drafted in the first round of this years draft to be an instant contributor. All signs from practice and the preseason supported this notion and it looked like Agholor was a prime candidate for rookie of the year. Unfortunately, this regular season has shown us that Nelson still has a ways to go. In all fairness, the QB play from Bradford has hindered Agholor because there have been times when Agholor was open deep but Bradford would either not see him or throw a bad pass.

In saying that, there have been many times when Agholor was in position to make a play and he didn’t. Drops have really bitten the rookie hard this year. For all the flack Sam Bradford has gotten, his pass catchers haven’t really done anything to help him this year. The Eagles lead the league so far in drops this season. There have been plenty of times when Nelson has dropped very catchable balls, and had a crucial fumble against Washington that killed a good looking drive. Agholor hurt his ankle last Sunday versus the New Orleans Saints and won’t play this Monday, not a good start for the rookie. There’s still time for Nelson to turn it around though, especially now that Bradford looks like he’s getting into a groove.

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