Predicting Various Outcomes in the NFC East

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Oct 25, 2015; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) celebrates with family members in the stands after the Redksins

Washington Redskins 3-4

The Redskins are playing like one of the more balanced teams in the NFL. Well, on a good day anyways. They just lack consistency at this point. Consistency, and identity. They haven’t fully committed to being a power running team, and they haven’t really saddled Kirk Cousins with carrying the team. Cousins has shown that he can be competitive and even dangerous, but his old problems still linger. It is still easy to check him out of a game by getting enough pressure on him. Unfortunately, when Cousins starts to tank, he doesn’t have enough moxie to pull himself out of it.

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  • However, the defense is playing lights out right now and they have one of the best RB combos in the league. On paper. Matt Jones had a few games early on that would have us believe he could be the heart of the offense, but he has since gone M.I.A.. If they decide who they want to be and stick to it, this team could be dangerous.

    Best case scenario: 6-4 If they decide they are going to become a power-running offense, then they can grind just about any game out with the way their defense is playing. The offense has been able to force teams to play at their level (very similar to the Carolina Panthers), and the defense has backed that up. Their upcoming schedule can easily be managed. The Redskins should also come out of the other end of their Bye with a healthy DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed. Both proven studs.

    Worst case scenario: 3-7 This team still has Jay Gruden as a Head Coach. I don’t trust him to be consistent with anything. We could easily see another QB switch during the season, causing even more problems. As it is, we were likely one 4th quarter failure away from seeing RGIII make his return.

    Likely outcome: 4-6 Part of me wants to buy into the Redskins, but honestly, I haven’t seen enough from this group to believe they can remain consistent enough to pull ahead too much. We have been down this path with Washington before, and it usually ends in madness.

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