Predicting Various Outcomes in the NFC East

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Oct 25, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) is sacked by Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Kawann Short (99) in the fourth quarter. The Panthers defeated the Falcons 27-16 at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles: 3-4

This is not where anyone foresaw the Eagles being after seven weeks. In fairness, this is about half of what I foresaw for the Eagles. Chip Kelly made a lot of moves in the off-season (you may have heard), and most of them look boneheaded. Like the Redskins, this team is still trying to figure itself out. You can’t put a bunch of new people together and expect them to be cohesive out of the gate. However, Sam Bradford has not looked like an NFL quarterback.

On top of that, he’s just flat out boring. And on top of that (it’s a pile), the play-calling has been a joke, the defense has been on the field far longer than they should be, and the offensive line is in shambles. Now, two years ago the Eagles started their season 1-3, turned things around by Week 5, and finished 10-6. I’m not relying on history to repeat itself, but let’s assume Chip still has a plan. The Eagles, more than any other team in the NFC East, really need to sort themselves out. Their defense is playing at high-level and they really need the offense to match.

Bradford needs to get right. And let’s call it here; leave Ryan Mathews in as the full-time back. DeMarco Murray hasn’t been a “bust,” but it has been clear each week that Mathews is playing with more of an edge. Philly has the necessary tools to turn their season around. Of the teams in the East, the Eagles still have the highest ceiling, but to be fair, they also have the lowest floor.

Best case scenario: 6-4 The Eagles have an opportunity to win the next three games leading to Week 11. The Cowboys, Dolphins, and Buccaneers are all completely winnable if Bradford is playing like an average quarterback. The Eagles are right on the cusp of being a breakout team. Chip Kelly made Mark Sanchez look great through half of a season last year, and Nick Foles a superstar the year before. Bradford is one or two Chip Kelly-brand smoothies away from being their go-to guy.

Worst case scenario: 3-7 You know that “if” I just wrote about? Well, it’s a big one. The way things are going, the Eagles could easily be fighting for the first overall pick by the end of the season. Even though Chip has turned lesser talent into something serviceable, Bradford has only played one season well.

Likely outcome: 5-5 Look, let’s be realistic, nothing is off the table as far as who they “shouldn’t” lose to. The Eagles’ offense has looked lost through most of their games. Bradford has had flashes of being a good QB, but flashes aren’t enough to keep winning. And those flashes came primarily in the preseason. Consistency wins games. The Eagles need to get a lot right. A lot. And by the time they do, it will likely be too late.

Regardless of how you break it down, the odds of any of these teams “running away” with this division is very unlikely. Even after all of this analysis, I’m not any closer to deciding who will slide into the playoffs, and probably neither are you. At Week 11, all of these teams will still be in the mix, and we’ll be just as confused as we are now.

You’re welcome.

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