Can the Philadelphia Eagles Win the NFC East?


The NFL season is beginning in the home stretch and the Philadelphia Eagles could still clinch their division.

It’s safe to say that no one knows what exactly is going on in the NFC East. The Washington Redskins, New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles are all sitting at 6-7. The lone outsider is the Dallas Cowboys at 4-9. The journey throughout the season has been as if someone took all the NFC East teams, had them do a dizzy bat race and see who can make it across the finish line. Yet after Monday Night Football in Week 14 the NFC East picture just got a bit clearer. It still is as strange as it was last week but there is hope.

The Philadelphia Eagle aren’t down for the count. Their Week 13 win over the New England Patriots was a huge boost for the team and might just be the turning point of their season. But there is still a battle ahead of them. They’re playing the NFC West leaders Arizona Cardinals, who sit at the top of their division at 11-2. It won’t be easy for the Eagles to pull out a win but they need to. Better yet they need to win in their divisional games against the Redskins and Giants, Week 16 and 17 respectively.

The biggest question hovering over the Eagles remains the same: can they win the division?

It’s not out of reach for the Eagles to be the NFC East divisional leaders. Yet it will be a difficult road ahead of them. They’re facing the NFC West leader, the 11-2 Arizona Cardinals. A win would definitely put them in a good position going into divisional matches the following two weeks. However, Arizona is favored to win so a loss might not be out of the question. A loss also might not be the worst thing for the Eagles either.

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  • One things that is playing well for the Eagles in the upcoming weeks is that they play best at home. The team doesn’t have to step foot in an airport for the remainder of the season and that will be to their benefit. Grated, the team has gone 2-3 this year at home but that doesn’t mean that the team can’t use that as an advantage. They’re taking on the Cardinals this weekend on Sunday Night Football. With temperatures projected to be below average, the Cardinals will have adjusting to do. The Redskins in Week 16 also haven’t won at the Linc since 2012 and that will also be a win that is needed to win the division.

    There is also the presence of Sam Bradford. It’s no secret that the beginning of his Eagles career was less than stellar. He hasn’t thrown an interception since October, where he threw 10 touchdowns in that month and in September. The disaster in Detroit wasn’t his fault and it seems that he’s recovered from his separated left shoulder. He should be performing well in the next three games and it should be no problem for him to lead the team to victoria.

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    The ability to make it to the postseason and win the division is solely in the hands of the team. If they win their divisional games in Weeks 16 and 17, the Philadelphia Eagles should be able to still clinch the division. Granted, that also means that several other things need to fall into place. The Redskins and Giants would need to lose all their non-Eagles games, and the Redskins actually have the easier schedule. The Giants face the Carolina Panthers this Sunday and it’s going to be a difficult effort to win. Cam Newton is on fire and it seems that they Panthers might wreck the Giants’ postseason hopes.

    There is a lot of hope for the Philadelphia Eagles to make it to postseason. If they do, they’ll be the number four seed. That’ll mean taking on the Seattle Seahawks. Yet right now the focus is on winning the division. There’s a good shot that they will. The Eagles just need to make sure they bring their A-game for the rest of the season.