Can Philadelphia Eagles Lead Chip Kelly Down Mike Holmgren’s Trail?

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Dec 13, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly in a game against the Buffalo Bills at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles won 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Can Philadelphia Eagles Lead Chip Kelly Down Mike Holmgren’s Trail?

On January 5th, 2015, an announcement was made by the 10-6 Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeff Lurie that would change the dynamics of the Philadelphia Eagles.  For better or for worse is a question that continues in debate in the minds and social media of the fans.

"“We came up with what we believe will be a more thorough and thoughtful model that would best be overseen by Chip. It’s most important that we find players that match what our coaches are seeking. Chip Kelly has articulated a dynamic and clear vision on how this fully integrated approach will work. We are a good football team and we believe these steps will help make us a great team. That step – from good to great – is the most difficult one for any organization to make. To do that, sometimes you have to step back and really look hard at where you are today and what you want to become.” – Jeff Lurie"

Dating your sister’s best friend. Renting office space from an employee. Going into business with your spouse. Hiring your fresh-out-of-college head coach to be the general manager of your football team. Ideas that sound good at the time, and feel good when everything is going well. But when things go awry? Then, you’ve just doubled the headaches and misery.

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If you break up with your sister’s best friend, your sister is either mad at you or her best friend. If you rent from an employee, the first occasion for disciplinary issues can find you looking for new office space. Partnering with your spouse may save money, but any disagreements at the office carry over to personal life. And if you hire your head coach as your general manager, how do you keep him happy to reduce his duties to merely that of head coach again?

That’s where the Philadelphia Eagles need to go though.  Head Coach Chip Kelly turned the Philadelphia Eagles from a 4-12 team into playoff contenders his first two seasons.   But in the announcement of Chip Kelly assuming the general manager responsibilities, the Eagles have languished in the NFL’s worst division.  When the team finished 10-6 for the second straight season, so many wanted a change.  Well, change it has.  Now the Eagles are 6-8 with two games remaining:  vs. the Washington Redskins and vs. the New York Giants.  Win two, and we are home for the playoffs.  Lose, and we begin another NFL off-season wondering how we can recapture of a year ago.

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