Are The Philadelphia Eagles Really Done Looking For A New Head Coach?


The Philadelphia Eagles knew that searching for a new head coach wouldn’t be easy. But can they already be done?

There was a long road ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles. They released Chip Kelly over two weeks ago and so far the Eagles have interviewed six candidates. Yet as it approaches the three week mark, it seems that owner Jeff Lurie and his committee is either taking a break or is done with interviews. It seems surprising since once of the biggest names floating around the table, Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, hasn’t been interviewed by the team. Lurie has also headed to Houston for the NFL Meetings and that may be a sign that the search is being put on hold. If that holds true, the biggest question would be if it is to resume at all after meetings end.

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There is no doubt that there be a ton of questions if Lurie decides to make a decision from the candidates that the Eagles have already interviewed. Former Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase interviewed with the team but ended up being hired by the Miami Dolphins as their next head coach. Former Giants head coach Tom Coughlin also interviewed with the Eagles as did Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson. Yet the Eagles have remained mum on if they plan to meet with more coaches after meetings conclude. If they don’t, that means they’re going to end up making their decision from the current crop of interviewees. That decision might be unpopular with fans but that might be what the committee is learning towards as a solution.

A few names that have cropped up might be the winning candidate. Many want to see the Eagles interview, and subsequently hire, McDermott, but they haven’t. Lurie has gone previously for more offensive minded head coaches but McDermott could be what Philadelphia needs. Even former Eagles Brian Dawkins is surprised they haven’t talked to him. “I’m a little surprised that they haven’t at least had a conversation with [McDermott] to see what his plans are going forward” Dawkins said while talking to 97.5 The Fanatic radio. But with the current field standing, Pederson comes out on top as the most likely choice.

Yet there seems to be a catch to the choice.

Pederson might be the top choice but that might not be the case if the Eagles organization is going to announce a new head coach before the weekend. It seemed like a sure thing that Pederson would be making the move from the barbeque capital to the City of Brotherly Love but now that’s up in the air. Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo looked to be Lurie’s new favorite, but the Giants were able to nab him before the Eagles could. Regardless, it would have been a highly criticized decision. He is similar to Gase in terms of how he runs his offense and while he is young, he has a significant amount of high level coaching experience. He’s done great work with Eli Manning but a quarterback problem could be something Philadelphia is facing after they hire a new head coach. That is still something up in the air.

At the time of this article being posted, rumors began to fly that it seems that Ben McAdoo would be the top choice. Obviously, that is no longer the case. Granted, the offseason is a mysterious and often confusing time as rumor after rumor swirls about what the next move will be for the Eagles. It would make more sense to schedule more interviews and not make a decision based on impulse. The Eagles need to find a head coach that not only can deal with a potential quarterback situation but can work in making the right decision regarding both personnel and sideline calls. It would be wise if Lurie and the rest of his committee would take a good look at the team’s needs and not rush into a decision. As usual, no one will know until it happens, which means it will be the waiting game.

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