Inquiring Minds: Are things as bad as they seem with Patrick Robinson?

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 09: Cameron Meredith
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 09: Cameron Meredith /

There may be something to the theory that Patrick Robinson isn’t as bad as he’s appearing to be.

It’s been one of the biggest stories of training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles so far. The offense appears to be way ahead of the defense. Part of the reason for that is the theory that Patrick Robinson, once thought to be the team’s top cornerback once camp concludes, can’t seem to do anything right.

Robinson’s been getting beaten over and over again by the Eagles receivers, and honestly, it doesn’t seem to matter what receiver he lines up against. Just use a Google search, and you’ll find countless stories on the eight-year veteran’s struggles. There’s just one question.

If he’s that bad why do the coaches keep putting him on the field?

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As mentioned, the 2017 NFL season will be Robinson’s ninth. Aside from mastering a new scheme, what, exactly, is Robinson going to gain from this training camp that he hasn’t learned from the previous eight? His injury history has now become common knowledge to even the most casual of Eagles fans. In 2016, he finished the season with the Indianapolis Colts placing him on the injured reserve list.

Maybe Robinson’s using this training camp to work on things like improving his technique and testing the groin to assure that he’s back to 100 percent. Why does he need to risk injury by overextending himself on every play?

The silver lining:

No coach would ever empty the playbook during the course of a preseason game. Instead, they use games as an opportunity to evaluate talent and determine where everyone is. Starters only play the first series of the first game, and no premium is placed on winning. Maybe what we’re seeing from Robinson is some of the same. Who cares what things look like? Our theory at Inside The Iggles is Robinson will be fine, and he’ll turn things up a notch in game situations.

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Sure, some guys play like they practice, and it’s ridiculous to believe they can just flip a switch. With Robinson, however, he’s been through enough practices in his day.

Until he’s taken off of the field entirely, there’s no cause to totally worry. There may be something else we’re missing.