Inquiring Minds: Should Eagles re-sign Leodis McKelvin?


With the season rapidly approaching, the Eagles might want to consider reuniting with Leodis McKelvin.

To say that the Philadelphia Eagles are weak at cornerback would be an understatement. The unit’s been struggling mightily since the beginning of training camp. It may become imperative that executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman signs another cornerback before the season begins. The problem is that there aren’t many cornerbacks left on the free agent market.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. the Eagles might want to consider bringing back veteran Leodis McKelvin to add some stability to the struggling unit. McKelvin, who was released back in February, has yet to be signed by another NFL team. This idea may not sit well with Eagles fans, but at this point, what choice do they have?

Was McKelvin great when he was with the Eagles? No. Not really, but there are few benefits to bringing him back.

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1. He understands the system.

McKelvin has familiarity with Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and his system. Schwartz coached McKelvin last season and they worked together during their time with the Buffalo Bills.

Having a player who understands the system is an added benefit. Not only are they aware of their assignments. They can assist in getting others up to speed.

McKelvin has eight seasons under his belt, and he can serve as a mentor to promising rookies such as Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas. Once McKelvin’s time in Philadelphia is up, hopefully Jones and Douglas can become the starting duo that the Eagles have lacked for a long time.

2. He can play on the outside.

The Eagles aren’t just weak at corner. There’s some doubt as to whether or not they actually have two true outside cornerbacks to lean on when they go into the season. Douglas may be an option, but Patrick Robinson, Jalen Mills, and Ron Brooks, are really slot corners. One of those guys will be forced to have to play out of position, and that could become a major detriment.

The Eagles are set to redshirt Jones for the season due to an Achilles injury that he suffered in his pro day at Washington. Adding McKelvin will give the Eagles two guys who could start on the outside heading into the season. It would also give them the comfort of knowing they don’t need to rush Jones back from injury.

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3. He isn’t expensive

Being that he has yet to sign with a team, the price tag for McKelvin may have dropped. It’s the equivalent of bargain shopping. Could they get away with paying him around $1 to $1.5 million a year? Releasing players and bringing them back at a reduced rate is common in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens released Lardarius Webb this past offseason freeing up $5.5 million in cap space. Then, they brought him back with a three-year, $6.3 million deal. There isn’t any reason why Roseman can’t do the same thing.

Would bringing back Leodis McKelvin a popular move? No. Probably not, but given that time is short and the season will be beginning soon, he may be one of the best bets the Eagles have at this point.