Eagles: Is Nelson Agholor getting too much praise too early?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 11: Nelson Agholor /

Though the third-year wideout is looking sharp in training camp, are Eagles fans jumping on the bandwagon too quick?

One of the most talked about topics coming from the Philadelphia Eagles training camp is the progression of Nelson Agholor. Despite having a disappointing start to his career, Agholor appears to be turning heads at the Novacare Complex. He and second-year quarterback Carson Wentz are apparently building a nice chemistry as well, especially when it comes to the deep ball.

It may seem that Agholor put it all together, but Eagles fans need to be aware of one thing. It’s only training camp.

Now, is it good that he is improving. If the 2015 first-round pick can prove his worth, Wentz will have another weapon in his arsenal. Still, things figure to get harder from here. The question remains. Can Agholor carry over his performance from training camp and apply it in in-game situations when it really counts? That question will certainly need to be answered.

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Some food for thought

What’s going to happen when Agholor drops a wide open pass in the regular season? Will he curl up in a ball or make up for it? That will be the true testament of Agholor’s progression.

It won’t be about the plays that he does make. It will be about the plays that he doesn’t make and how responds to some adversity. There’s no denying Agholor’s very gifted, but it in the past, it’s seemed as though he can be mentally weak when he makes mistakes. Sometimes, players just can’t get over that mental block.

Even though players can have good camps, it’s not a foregone conclusion that they’ll “go off” in the regular season. Case and point: Remember the hype surrounding Paul Turner last season? Remember how Eagles fans thought they had special in him after a strong training camp? How special was he during the regular season?

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Everyone is rooting for Nelson Agholor to be a big contributor this upcoming season. Practice does make perfect so hopefully Agholor can replicate what he does in practice in game-time situations.