Could LeGarrette Blount be cut by the Philadelphia Eagles?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 17: LeGarrette Blount
PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 17: LeGarrette Blount /

Eagles veteran running back LeGarrette Blount could be in danger of losing a roster spot.

Since the beginning of preseason, the Philadelphia Eagles have struggled to establish the run game. We knew that they didn’t have a monster run game, but so far, things have been highly disappointing. When the Eagles signed former New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount, we all assumed that the power run game would see a dramatic increase. So far, the Eagles have yet to display any type of progression when it comes to running the ball.

It’s just the preseason, and that’s understandable. There’s really been no real gameplanning, but what we have seen so far has been difficult to watch. Blount has a total of 17 yards off of 9 carries in two games. He also had a drive killing fumble last week against the Buffalo Bills that ended the day for the first-string offense.

Blount may be an established running back in this league, but his history on teams not named the Patriots hasn’t been too impressive. Aside from last season, Blount hasn’t posted a 1,000-yard season since his first year in 2010. We understood that Blount was capable of posting similar numbers to former Eagles running back Ryan Mathews, but most didn’t think he might actually be a downgrade.

His roster spot isn’t guaranteed…

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It doesn’t take long for NFL fans to panic in the preseason. This has been evidence of that. Blount has been known to have a tough time in other offenses. In 2014, Blount struggled to produce in the Pittsburgh Steelers offense, and his frustrations led him to be cut. With the way things are going so far in Philly, don’t be surprised if history repeats itself. There are already rumors going around that Blount is on the bubble.

The Eagles currently have five running backs on the roster and will most likely only keep three or four. As Corey Clement continues to impress and Wendell Smallwood returns from injury, Blount’s chances of making the roster become more difficult.

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At this point, the only advantage that Blount has is his experience, but that isn’t saying too much. Over the next two games, he’ll need to step it up in order to remain on the team. Considering the fact that Blount had little to no market interest before the Eagles signed him means this could be his last opportunity to play in the NFL.