Philadelphia Eagles: Vinny Curry finally has a breakout game


Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry finally shows some progression since last season.

Last season was perhaps one of the most disappointing seasons for Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry. Before the 2016 season began, Curry was awarded a five-year deal worth $47.2 million from the Eagles. He was offered the extension after two impressive seasons in 2014 and 2015 where he claimed 12.5 sacks and 26 total tackles over those two seasons.

He had a major drop in production after a disappointing season last year. His name was buzzing around the league and his contract situation was listed as potentially the worst defensive lineman contract in the NFL. There were rumors that Curry was dealing with an injury all season but all the fans saw were his 2.5 sacks and his inability to win over the coaching staff.

The new guy lights a fire under the veteran…

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After Curry’s name was headlined for all the wrong reasons, he may have come into 2017 with a chip on his shoulder. Not only was he looked at to be a major disappointment, but the Eagles brought a new guy to town. With the 14th overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Eagles selected Curry’s potential replacement.

Rookie defensive end Derek Barnett has had all eyes on him from day one. He’s earned his playing time in practice, and he’s impressed on game day. It didn’t take long for Eagles fans to praise Barnett and forget about Curry.

Has a fire been lit?

In fact, it took until the third game of the preseason for Curry to finally register a single stat. When he was announced to be the starter against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday, nobody knew what to expect. Curry had to prove to the coaches that he was worthy of his contract. He also had to show Barnett that he will have to battle for his spot.

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Curry wasted no time against the Dolphins and seemed to get pressure often. He proved his worth when he got to the quarterback to pick up a sack and force the fumble for the Eagles to recover. Although the Eagles did not keep the first-string in for long, we have seen enough. Curry has earned his spot for week one and it should be exciting to see the defensive line as whole.