Eagles are still willing to trade Mychal Kendricks, per reports

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 17: Mychal Kendricks
PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 17: Mychal Kendricks /

Believe it or not, we’re still not done discussing Mychal Kendricks and whether or not he remains with the Eagles.

According to Jimmy Kempsi of Phillyvoice.com, the rumors are true. He verifies, indeed, that the Philadelphia Eagles were close to trading linebacker Mychal Kendricks to the San Francisco 49ers earlier in the offseason. Kempsi also states that sources claim the Eagles would still be willing to trade him if the right offer was presented. This despite the Eagles suffering from a lack of depth at the linebacker position and a solid offseason by the six-year veteran.

Kendricks never truly found his way consistently in defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz‘s scheme. Said scheme relies primarily on generating pressure with the defensive line. Seldom is a blitz used, and Schwartz typically relies on his linebackers to play coverage.

Unfortunately, as most of you know, blitzing is Kendricks’ strength while pass coverage is one of his major weaknesses.

Who do we listen to here?

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Three interceptions by Kendricks in three games has now ignited a fire in him and the Eagles fan base. Many an argument have been made by the media and by die-hard and casual fans on social media, and most request Kendricks remains in a green jersey.

Some have even wondered if Schwartz may alter his scheme a little and incorporate a blitz a little more often. After all, you should play to the strengths of your players right? Can’t we argue that it makes little sense to stubbornly stick with a scheme that may not be suitable to the guys who have to carry it out?

Why are we still discussing trades anyway? Didn’t Schwartz just mention a possible expansion of Kendricks’ role in the defense? According to “the general”, if a game were to be played today, middle linebacker Jordan Hicks wouldn’t be ready, so for that reason, Schwartz and crew have already played around with some formations.

Here’s a quote:

"Right now, we’ve worked, even in practice yesterday, we have worked some stuff where Nigel Bradham moved into the MIKE linebacker and Mych moved into Nigel’s spot to get those guys out there in nickel together, and that’s something Nigel hasn’t done. If we had a game today, Jordan Hicks couldn’t play. It’s our responsibility to get the guys that can best produce on the field. He’s certainly forced himself into that conversation."

Schwartz hasn’t discounted Kendricks’ value however, and he recently, he spoke with the media and took time to praise the the linebacker on his efforts to this point.

This is what he had to say:

"I don’t know if you could have any more production than him in the preseason. Good gracious. A little bit of it is being opportunistic, but he’s been in the right spots…He’s rushed the passer well. That ties into a lot of other things. That ties into the corners’ ability and our confidence in our corners being able to how much we can blitz him. I’ve been very impressed with (Kendricks), his attitude, and embracing everything that had to do with practice. He’s stayed really focused in training camp. He’s found a way to be productive. I’m impressed by that."

None of that sounds like someone who doesn’t feel he should keep a guy around. Then again, the decision is ultimately that of executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman, and we all know what that means. No man is truly safe, and you can just ask Jon Dorenbos about that. The Eagles do want to free up some cash, and Kendricks is pretty expensive. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.