Ignoring LeGarrette Blount against the Chiefs is unacceptable


LeGarrette Blount had zero carries in the Eagles 27-20 loss against the Chiefs.

Going into Sunday’s game, we all knew the Kansas City Chiefs were gonna be a tough matchup for the Philadelphia Eagles and their running game. This was especially true for LeGarrette Blount. Still, not giving Blount a single carry? That was completely unacceptable.

In addition to not receiving a single, solitary carry, Blount only accounted for one reception for zero yards. When the Eagles brought in the former two-time Super Bowl winning running back, many expected him to be the “bell cow” in the running game. He was brought in for his effectiveness in short yardage situations and the fact that he can close out games. Unfortunately, head coach Doug Pederson and running backs Coach Duce Staley don’t seem to see it that way.

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What happened?

Was this an apparent mismatch on paper for the running game? You can probably say that, but that’s where the phrase “on paper” comes from. The Eagles should’ve tried to run the ball. Its that simple.

First off, Carson Wentz cannot continue to keep throwing the ball 45-50 times a game. They are asking way to much of their quarterback, and a run game could help him. Secondly, the coaching staff will never know what they have in their running game unless you give guys like Blount a shot.

Similar Circumstances:

Here’s proof of that theory. Many fantasy football analysts wrote off Carlos Hyde on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks dominant run defense on the road. Despite this, Hyde went on to rush for 124 yards on 15 carries. You can’t always rely on projections. The same applies to Blount.

Here’s a few things to think about.

One could argue that Eagles’ absence of a running game can be attributed to their personnel. That argument still does not excuse Pederson’s decision to completely abandon the running game. The Eagles are just going to have to deal with what they have, which in reality, isn’t that bad.

Keep in mind that the Eagles were 11th in Team Rushing in 2016, and this was with Ryan Matthews as their leading rusher. Blount is seen as an upgrade from Matthews. They also have power back Corey Clement, who they like a lot. Despite what pundits may think, the Eagles have the makings of a solid running back-by-committee system.

There is no reason for Blount being a non-factor in the running game. Its that simple. They brought him in for a reason, and now, its time to see what he can do. If the coaching staff does not have faith in Blount, the team should cut him and give Clement a shot. However, if they were to do so, what a waste of a signing Blount would be.