Philadelphia Eagles news: Over 55,000 fans wage war on Pete Morelli

SANTA CLARA, CA - NOVEMBER 29: Referee Peter Morelli
SANTA CLARA, CA - NOVEMBER 29: Referee Peter Morelli /

Philadelphia Eagles fans are exercising their right to protest as a petition’s been created to ban Pete Morelli from officiating their favorite team’s games.

There were jokes floating around that it might happen, but to some Philadelphia Eagles fans the joke is over. One of the NFL‘s most passionate fanbases has had enough. The first game of 2017’s sixth week featured the Eagles and Carolina Panthers, and when it was over, Philly left Charlotte with a narrow 28-23 victory.

It wasn’t easy though. As a matter of fact, much of the Eagles fan base was upset that their squad had to overcome two opponents. One was the Panthers, and the other was the officiating crew assigned to the contest.

Here’s a tweet from one of the great linebackers in team history:

The petition:

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The name Pete Morelli isn’t one that’s foreign to the Eagles fan base. His is a reputation that’s now made him foreign to the “brotherly love” Philadelphia is famous for. Last Thursday night, the Eagles overcame ten penalties that cost them 126 yards. The calls were one-sided, to say the least as Carolina was flagged one time for a grand total of one yard.

It’s not like this is an isolated incident either. The last four times Pete Morelli’s crew has been assigned to an Eagles game, the results have been eerily similar. In those four games, the Eagles have been flagged 40 times and pushed 396 yards in the wrong direction, and their opponents have been penalized eight times for 74 yards.

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You know what? When you think about it, signing a petition to ban Morelli from overseeing Eagles games doesn’t sound like a bad idea. As of 12:30 AM EST on October 17th, 57,539 fans have clicked this link on and signed the petition. If you’re in agreement with their sentiment, feel free to do the same thing.