Ronald Darby fires back at his critics on Twitter

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 19: Ronald Darby /

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback, Ronald Darby is not pleased with his social media critics.

The sports world in today’s day and age can be difficult. Before social media, there was hardly any way fans could interact with athletes. Sure, you could let out a few boos at the game or maybe catch them at an autograph signing if you’re lucky. But for the most part, it was hard for athletes to receive criticism directly from their fans.

With the power of social media, almost anybody can reach out to an athlete or celebrity with videos or text. Most athletes tend to ignore their mentions, while others seem to have fun responding back. Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby decided he was going to clap back at his social media critics.

Last week’s win against the New York Giants was ugly, to say the least. Although the defense as a whole looked bad, Darby’s struggles seemed to be highlighted. Being in a city that is very passionate about the Eagles, Darby got his first taste of Philadelphia criticism this past weekend. Well, instead of ignoring it, he decided that he was going to fire back and put on a show. Check it out.

Darby’s Tweets:

Letter to the critics:

Darby’s message to the critics was short and simple. He wanted to make it clear that just because he is an NFL athlete, doesn’t mean he is not human. This is a common misconception between fans and players. Fans tend to take out their frustrations on social media directly to the player in hopes to put them down or motivate them. Well, Darby is taking a stand and weeding out any negative energy coming his way.

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That is the only thing he can do at this point. It will be exciting to see how the Eagles defense plans on bouncing back after a few sloppy games. They will finally have the home crowd back, and with a win on Christmas, they could stay home at the Linc all the way to the Super Bowl. It will be a tough road, but anything is possible. Hopefully, the Eagles can lock in a win next Monday.