Philadelphia Eagles roundup: Nick Foles’ comfort level, Zach Ertz’s ‘chip’


We just can’t stop talking about Nick Foles as the Philadelphia Eagles ready for the NFC Championship Game.

When you talk to anyone about the upcoming NFC Championship Game, certain things keep entering the conversation. Will Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles fare well in this one? How did two backup quarterbacks get themselves in this position? How in the world did Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson take this ‘underdog’ theme, raise over $50,000 for schools in the Philly area and seemingly deplete the world’s supply of dog masks? What role will Zach Ertz play?

It never seems to get old.

Wait. Nick Foles played basketball too?

Foles didn’t play in a single preseason game. His tuneup has come in the form of two full regular season games, a portion of two others and one full playoff game. It’s been up and down, but following his playoff performance against the Atlanta Falcons, it seems as though everyone feels a little better about the Eagles’ chances. Well, that doesn’t include the experts (more on that in a sec).

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz said it best. He states the past month or so has allowed him to get on the same page as Foles, but perhaps Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich offered the most unique analysis of the week. The only thing is his would come in the form of a critique of Foles’ skills on the basketball court.

Here’s what he had to say.

"If you’re around Nick, you know Nick is a great basketball player. He’s a point guard. If he was playing basketball on the street, he’s going to wheel and deal the ball. He’s the guy out there. He can throw it behind his back with accuracy, give you the no-look pass. He can be looking one way and hit a guy. He has that knack and feel, and that’s a little bit of the RPO game. I think he’s very comfortable with that."

Even with all of that said, the Eagles are still underdogs, and Zach Ertz isn’t happy.

Most will never have the ability to know what goes on in an NFL locker room, but here’s what we do know. In that of Philly’s, Zach Ertz has become one of the leaders, and he’s a guy the other players pay a lot of attention to. With the Eagles playing the ‘underdog’ role for the second time in two playoff games, Ertz offered his opinion.

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Check this one out.

"I was watching ESPN today, and all five analysts, experts, they call themselves, picked the Falcons to win. I’m glad they’re not in charge of my finances by any means, picking stocks here and there. If they’re going to call us underdogs again next week, I’m fine with it."

It appears as though that ‘chip’ on Johnson’s shoulder has spread to his teammates. If you’re an Eagles fan, you have to hope that helps will them to victory.