Vikings fans boo Nick Foles at Super Bowl opening night


The Minnesota Vikings fan base can’t seem to get over the loss they took to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Well, we knew that the crowd would be hostile to the Philadelphia Eagles. Less than two week’s ago, Nick Foles and the Eagles ended the Minnesota Vikings, also known as the “Team of Destiny” in the NFC Championship. The Vikings were one win away from being the first ever NFL team to play the biggest game of the season at home.

Unfortunately for the Vikings, they fell short to a red-hot Eagles team. And by short, we mean they got demolished 38-7 at Lincoln Financial Field. Now, we all know that a big loss can be hard to overcome. After all, the Eagles have had their fair share of NFC Championship defeats. But the Vikings fan base has taken bitterness to another level.

No Love for the Birds in Minnesota…

Just as we expected…

We’re sure you have heard by now, the Vikings fans that attempted a home invasion in Philadelphia did not have a five-star experience. Many videos and stories spread across the internet like wildfire. Most of which played right into the stereotypical Philadelphia fans narrative.

Not everything that has been said is true. But the video evidence was enough to tick the Vikings fan base off. But are they really that upset with a few videos on the internet? Or is it the fact that they have to watch the team that beat theirs play in their city for the title of World Champions?

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Either way, the Eagles walked into Minnesota expecting some negative energy from the home crowd. It all started early on when Super Bowl opening night kicked off and Nick Foles’ opening introduction was followed by tons of boo’s from the crowd. This will probably continue on all week but will most likely end on gameday. Considering it is doubtful Vikings fans paid a fortune to watch two teams they hate, the Eagles will feel plenty of love on gameday.