Philadelphia Eagles gain a new enemy in Alex Smith

KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 6: Quarterback Alex Smith
KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 6: Quarterback Alex Smith /

The Philadelphia Eagles have a new quarterback that they will face off against two times a year.

Don’t let the Philadelphia Eagles playing the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII distract you from the fact that teams can make trades. That’s exactly what went down on Tuesday night. As the NFL gears up for yet, another season finale this Sunday, other teams are working on their early offseason moves.

The Eagles NFC East enemies made a major move on Tuesday night concerning the quarterback position. It was announced that Washington Redskins were sending cornerback Kendall Fuller and a third-round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs. In return, the Redskins received 33-year old veteran quarterback, Alex Smith.

Not only did they snag up Smith in a blockbuster trade. But they also gave him a very generous extension on his new contract. It look’s like the Eagles will get to face Mr. Smith twice a year for the next few seasons. Check out the contract details below:

The Numbers:

So long Kirk…

So the answer to all of our Redskins questions is finally answered. After two years of Kirk Cousins controversy over in D.C., they will officially move on from him. We’re sure the Eagles will not miss playing Cousins twice a year. Before the Eagles were able to sweep the Skins’ in 2017, Cousins swept the Eagles two seasons in a row in 2015-2016.

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Now, the Eagles will face off against Andy Reid’s former quarterback twice a year. The Eagles played against Smith this season during Week 2. The Chiefs pulled out the victory, but Alex Smith was not necessarily lighting up the Eagles defense. He threw for only one touchdown in their 27-20 victory over the Eagles.

Andy Reid has started quite a trend over the years. Similar to what happened at the end of Donovan McNabb’s career here in Philly, the quarterback was traded to Washington. Now Andy Reid does the same thing to Alex Smith. So does that mean Smith is at the end of the road? We shall see when the 2018 season kicks off. For now, it’s Super Bowl LII time in Philly.