A couple of Eagles players have come down with a sickness

BLOOMINGTON, MN - JANUARY 31: Ronald Darby /

The Philadelphia Eagles must’ve caught some bad germs out in Minnesota…

The Philadelphia Eagles have been plagued by injuries all season long. Concussions, torn ACL’s, broken bones. You name it. Somehow, someway the Eagles are still one of the last ones standing as they represent the NFC in Super Bowl LII. As the 53-man roster is pretty much healthy injury-wise, some random sicknesses have come in to affect some of the Eagles defense.

On Wednesday afternoon, Eagles defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan was the only player absent. The veteran defensive lineman was apparently too sick to attend the first Eagles practice before the Super Bowl on Sunday.

With all of the virus’s and flu-like sicknesses going around, many Eagles fans were worried that Jernigan may have caught the flu. Although the Eagles said they believe he does not have the flu. There is still no word yet on what exactly is going on with him. To make matters worse, another Eagles player may have caught the same exact sickness that Jernigan has.

Eagles starting cornerback Ronald Darby was absent from media availability on Thursday afternoon for the same exact reasons. Again, there is no word on what exactly is wrong with Darby, but his absence from team activities is very concerning.

Are the Patriots plotting?

We always hear the cheating jokes about the New England Patriots. Spygate, deflated balls, paying off referees. Whatever cheating method in football you can think of, the Patriots have been accused of it. With Eagles players coming down with random sicknesses, of course, everybody will jokingly point the finger to Bill Belichick and his guys.

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While it is funny to joke around, the illnesses are actually very concerning. Even if Jernigan and Darby are healthy enough to play on Sunday, their missed practice reps could really take a toll on them. It’s been two weeks since the Eagles last played a full game. They have had plenty of time to rest and now it is hitting the point of too much time. As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, there is no telling what will happen to the players health. Hopefully Doug Pederson has these guys in a bubble until kickoff.