Eagles: Could Bo Scarbrough be LeGarrette Blount’s replacement?

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JANUARY 01: Bo Scarbrough
NEW ORLEANS, LA - JANUARY 01: Bo Scarbrough /

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to meet with Alabama running back, Bo Scarbrough.

The NFL Combine has officially begun, and teams are already getting to know their next potential draft picks. The Philadelphia Eagles have met with a few prospects already from all over. One name that stood out today though was Alabama running back, Bo Scarbrough.

The Eagles haven’t had the chance to meet with the product of the Crimson Tide yet. But he did mention to reporters on Thursday that he does have a formal meeting set up with the Birds’. So why exactly should Eagles fans be excited about this?

Scarbrough brings a similar size and playing style to a newfound Philadelphia favorite named LeGarrette Blount. The 31-year-old veteran may have a slight weight advantage on Scarbrough, but that doesn’t mean that the young rookie can’t pack on more size when he becomes a pro.

Why does Scarbrough make sense?

With Blount most-likely on his way to another team, Scarbrough could potentially be the type of player that the Eagles would lose when Blount is gone. Naturally, he will come in as an inexperienced back. But that doesn’t mean he can’t get the hang of things quickly.

With the Eagles utilizing a running back committee on a weekly basis, Scarbrough will not have to take over the reigns of the backfield immediately. He could be utilized on early downs, and short yardage situations, similar to how they used Blount this past season.

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Before the 2017 season, Scarbrough was projected to be a first-round talent by the 2018 NFL Draft. But after splitting many snaps with his teammate Damien Harris, Scarbrough didn’t exactly light up the stat sheet. Could that be a red flag? Honestly, no.

The fact that Scarbrough still rushed for close to 600 yards and eight touchdowns shows that he can be successful in the Eagles three-headed monster. It’s rare that a power-style running back like Scarbrough comes into the NFL underworked with plenty of gas in the tank left from his college days.

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As of right now, Scarbrough is projected to be a fourth or fifth-round pick. If Scarbrough does happen to drop to the fourth round, the Eagles will have a chance to grab him with the final two picks. Don’t rule them out for trading up either. If they feel like they can get Blount 2.0 in Scarbrough, there’s a good chance that they will be aggressive and move up for him.