Eagles DE Chris Long endorsed Michael Bennett before the trade


Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long might’ve had something to do with the Michael Bennett trade.

It has been a couple of days now since Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles made their most significant move this offseason. They traded for another dominant veteran defensive end Michael Bennett from the Seattle Seahawks. While the trade is obviously excellent on paper, some Eagles fans might’ve had their concerns.

As we all know, Michael Bennett has been a ‘pain’ according to his previous franchise. Once the Seahawks franchise stepped down from their NFC dominance, things started to go sour in their locker room. Bennett was among those players who weren’t very likable behind closed doors.

Eagles fans should have no worries though, as these things typically happen often. Guys like LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi have been criticized for poor sportsmanship in the locker all throughout their careers. And guess what? They ended up fitting in just fine with the Eagles unbreakable chemistry.

Well, we can all expect Bennett to get along just fine in the Eagles locker room as well. Especially after he received a massive endorsement from a new Philadelphia fan favorite, Chris Long. The 32-year-old defensive end has become one of the faces of the 2017 season for the Eagles. And if he can’t convince you that Bennett is a good dude behind closed doors, then nobody can.

Long’s endorsement:

"They asked me about Mike before the trade, because I know Mike. And I gave him a glowing recommendation, because I really do think Mike is an awesome dude and a great player. He’s been as good an inside/out rusher as I’ve seen in my time in the league, one of my favorite guys to watch. His age doesn’t matter as much, because he plays with great technique."

Chris Long made this statement in an interview with SB Nation after he returned from his Mount Kilimanjaro trip right after the football season. So it looks like the Eagles sure did their homework on Bennett before pulling the trigger on an offer. And what better guy to ask then Long?

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Now we can expect things to go just fine considering Bennett just needed a fresh start. If his personality endorsement doesn’t convince you still, then maybe his on-field production will. He had 8.5 sacks, and 40 tackles in 2017. A significant upgrade from Vinny Curry’s 42 tackles, and three sacks. Let’s just face it, the Eagles have outdone themselves with a trade once again.