Philadelphia Eagles: Grading the 2018 offseason acquisitions

HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 22: Corey Nelson
HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST 22: Corey Nelson /
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Daryl Worley, CB

Traded from the Carolina Panthers

Daryl Worley is heading into his third season in the NFL. He was dumped off to the Eagles from the Carolina Panthers in return for veteran wide receiver Torrey Smith. Now the Eagles aren’t getting a shutdown cornerback here precisely. But they are getting a young defensive back on a cheap deal with a lot of upside.

Regardless of what his past looked like in Carolina, Worley still has a high ceiling. And a high ceiling with experience is always a plus in the NFL. He didn’t exactly improve significantly in year two, but that doesn’t mean that his season was atrocious. Worley racked up 152 tackles, three interceptions, and 19 pass deflections over the last two seasons.

Considering the Eagles have a pretty deep depth chart at cornerback, Worley will be working hard for some snaps. Fortunately for him, the Eagles will now try some guys out in the nickel with the loss of Patrick Robinson. And if things don’t work out for Worley at cornerback, don’t rule out a move to safety.

Worley’s spot on the roster will be far from guaranteed, but that doesn’t matter when looking at this trade. Looking at it from another perspective, the Eagles got a 23-year-old cornerback with potential for an aging receiver who is past his prime. In other words, the deal was a no-brainer. Regardless if the Eagles were to find a trade recipient for Smith or not, they were going to release him. So the fact that the received value with Smith made this move a lot better.

Grade: B