Good Wentz Hunting- Should Carson Wentz be concerned for the sport’s future?

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Should Carson Wentz be Concerned for the Future of Sport Hunting?

Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles have gotten accustomed to Carson Wentz tweeting about sport hunting and Jesus. In Wentz’s words, “…Two of the main things I tweet about are Jesus and hunting. That’s what I’m passionate about, and that won’t ever change. When you love something, you talk about it…” Personally, I love dogs. I love talking about them. It’s easy, like the weather.

Like Wentz, I’ve owned retrievers my entire life. I’m willing to engage in every conversation about guns and religion but not with the same level of love that Wentz has for the two. It’s a love of skepticism. Wentz, for better or for worse, has made me question my own relationship with both Jesus and hunting. I have found myself reading articles I would have never read before. One of those articles stated that those participating in hunting is on the decline. Click here to read that story in its’ entirety.

So here’s a legitimate question. Is Wentz aware of this? Does he care? The tweet below leads me to believe he does..

This tweet from Wentz raised a lot of questions because our nation is going through an identity crisis with guns.

All of this is open for debate.

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I’ve shot guns. My grandfather taught my brother and I how to shoot a revolver in his New Jersey backyard. The target: cans. I shot skeet in high school, but I’ve never been to a shooting range.

My relationship with hunting is this: My family had a neighbor growing up that shot squirrels, skinned them and ate them. My brother would tag along, more out of sport than for a meal, while I’d take aim at the family bird feeder with my super-sling shot and pick off the invading squirrels.

Has Carson Wentz hunted squirrels for sport? For a meal? My image of a young Wentz is much like Billy Coleman from Where the Red Fern Grows.” Instead of raccoon hides tacked to the barn door, Wentz, in my mind, had squirrel hides. With that being said, these thoughts lead back to the Eagles, as do most of my ruminations.

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With the number of American hunters diminishing and with gun control being front and center in America’s consciousness, is it time for Wentz to take the Philadelphia Eagles hunting once again? Faith and these hunting excursions seemed to bond the 2017 Eagles. Could baptisms and taxidermy trophies do the same for the 2018 Eagles? A lot can be said for camaraderie. Maybe Wentz, single-handedly, can save hunting. After-all, hasn’t he helped save the Eagle’s franchise?