Do the Philadelphia Eagles have the two best QBs in the NFC East?


Are Carson Wentz and Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles better than Dak Prescott and Eli Manning? One NFL analyst seems to think that they are.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Philadelphia Eagles share the NFL‘s NFC East division with three of the most popular franchises in all of sports. All seem to be set at quarterback, and this division, as a whole, remains one of the most talked about in professional football.

The crop of quarterbacks in the NFC East are among some of the most talented in the league. The New York Giants will field two-time Super Bowl winner (and MVP) Eli Manning. In ‘Big D’ the Dallas Cowboys have a former MVP candidate and one of the league’s brightest stars at quarterback in Dak Prescott. The Washington Redskins said goodbye to Kirk Cousins but added Alex Smith, who’s coming off of a career year with the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s almost impossible to discuss any or all of them without comparing them to one another. Recently one ESPN analyst did just that.

Ranking the East’s signal callers:

Somewhere around the middle of May, Louis Riddick ranked the NFC East’s four starting quarterbacks (and Philly’s backup). Here’s how things turned out:

Here’s our opinion at ITI.

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You probably knew this already, but we, at ITI, have a list of our own. Prescott, as a rookie, got out of the gates quickly, but problems with his offensive line, an Ezekiel Elliott suspension and good old-fashioned film study revealed something about Prescott.

He’s talented, but he is mortal.

That brings us to Alex Smith. Despite a career year in KC, the same thing seems to happen over and over. There’s a quick start. Smith looks like the NFL’s leading MVP candidate during the month of September. Then, the temperature cools. So does he, and somewhere in there, Alex Smith remembers he’s, well, Alex Smith.

Say what you want about Eli. When he’s on, he’s on. Manning can go throw for throw with anyone in the league, and despite struggles here and there, his issues aren’t a question of talent. It, honestly appears as though he woke up one day, looked at his two Super Bowl rings and all of his money, thought about his brother (who had several surgeries and deteriorated physically), and made a decision.

He’s just tired of getting beat up for no reason. Expect him, with weapons and one of the more motivated offensive-minded head coaches, to have a bounce-back season.

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The Eagles, on the other hand, can brag about having Carson Wentz, the best starting quarterback in the division. They’re also the only team who has a Super Bowl MVP as their backup.

Here’s ITI’s list:

1. Carson Wentz

2. Nick Foles

3. Eli Manning

4. Alex Smith

5. Dak Prescott

Let the debate begin. It’s almost time for football.