Brandon Graham’s patience says a lot about the bond of the Eagles

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Although he’s in a contract year, Brandon Graham isn’t planning on holding out from his team this summer.

The wear and tear from the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl run is beginning to fade a bit. With many players are rehabbing from injuries suffered from last season, guys are starting to prepare themselves mentally and physically for training camp next month. One player, in particular, might be expected to hold out for a new contract. That is Eagles veteran defensive end, Brandon Graham.

Graham, who is 30-years-old is coming off of a phenomenal season in midnight green. His best one yet, if we are honest. The seven-year veteran wrapped up 2017 tallying up a career-high of 9.5 sacks during the regular season. He snagged a tenth sack in the playoffs, and it ended up being one of the biggest plays in franchise history. The strip-sack on Tom Brady, which sealed the deal in Super Bowl LII. After Graham’s monster play, the Eagles realized they had no choice but to pay the man.

Here we are in June wrapping up OTAs and Graham has yet to see an offer. He may not be begging, but he has made it publicly known that he would like to feel secure on the Eagles roster for the remainder of his career. The Eagles probably wouldn’t hesitate to bring out the checkbook for Graham if they weren’t so strapped for cash. Unfortunately, the budget couldn’t afford a brand new Brandon Graham contract at the moment.

Where is Graham’s head at?

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Typically, a veteran who is in search of an extension would hold out from the team to force their hand. But Brandon Graham seems to be just fine with the situation. Despite not being able to participate in team activities right now, Graham has still shown face at the Nova Care Complex this past week. Meanwhile, other superstars around the league don’t plan to show up until they get exactly what they are asking for.

The culture in Philly is entirely different, though. Players from all over the locker room can’t help but stress how close this team is. Not only do Eagles players share a special bond with one another, but they genuinely enjoy going to work every day and becoming greater than the previous day.

That’s precisely why Graham is not concerned about an extension as much as everybody expected him to be. Right now, the Eagles roster is nearly identical to their Super Bowl-winning squad. And with a couple more additions and returns, they may be even better in 2018. So while Graham may want some security right now, he made it clear that he is satisfied with his situation and that he will fight to earn another long-term deal with his team.

30 is just a number:

"“We’ll get it done. However it goes. I know I’m 30 years old, and I understand it’s a business, too. I’ve got to keep showing them that I’m just going to keep taking it up and go out on my terms.”"

Graham happily answered questions at his locker on Thursday afternoon concerning his future. When asked about his age, he remained honest. Knowing that his next deal could be his last, Graham is prepared for whatever the NFL offers him. But one thing is for sure. He wants to remain on the Philadelphia Eagles for the rest of his career.

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As Graham continues to get better, we can’t help but expect another dominant season from the former first-round pick. He has been one of the most reliable players on the defense over the years, and he proved it once again in Super Bowl LII. 2017 might’ve been the peak for Graham, but he surely deserves another substantial contract from the Eagles. Being that he is one of the captains on a top-five defense, Graham definitely brings a lot more to the table than your average pass rusher.