Philadelphia Eagles roundup: Cory Undlin clowns the Cowboys

Even in a Super Bowl-winning season, there’s always a certain pleasure that comes when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys.

2017 was a marvelous year for the Philadelphia Eagles. They would only lose three times during the regular season. Two of those losses were in games that they were actually trying to win, a Week 2 defeat at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs and a 24-10 shellacking courtesy of the Seattle Seahawks.

The final loss of the season came at the hands of the hated Dallas Cowboys in the season finale, a meaningless game in which Philly chose to rest their starters.

Even though the game meant nothing, it still sucks to look at the schedule and see an ‘L’ next to any game in which these two teams meet if you’re an Eagles fan.

A slight pause in the rivalry…

The Eagles’ final game of the regular season came on the final day of the 2017 calendar year. It also marked the second-straight season the finale came at Lincoln Financial Field between the two teams.

One year earlier, the circumstances and results were flipped. It was Philly who struggled to a close victory. Dallas was the team who had secured home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, and it was Dallas who had decided to rest their starters.

To make long stories short, it’s hard to claim bragging rights when both teams aren’t really trying to win.

Dallas Sucks.

For a better idea of where these two are currently (and a more satisfying victory if you’re an Eagles fan), you have to look back to November 19th.

It was a game referenced by Eagles secondary coach Cory Undlin in a recent conversation he had with the Philly media.

He was asked about when he first realized the 2017 Eagles were special. Undlin mentioned the 28-23 victory in Charlotte, North Carolina over the Carolina Panthers. Then, he shifted his focus to a Sunday Night showdown in Dallas and said that night had to have been the second indication.

Here was a live tweet from that conversation from the Philly Inquirer’s Mike Sieleski. Take a look:

No Eagles fan will ever forget where they were when they watched Philly overcome a 9-7 halftime deficit with 30 unanswered points in the game’s final two frames.

The highlight came when Jay Ajayi took a second half handoff and went 71 yards.

It was a terrific game (unless you’re a Cowboys fan) and one of the many wonderful memories in a season that resulted in the Eagles’ first Super Bowl victory. Any victory over Dallas is special for an Eagles fan. Still, when you think about it, that one just had a little extra flair, didn’t it?

The rivalry continues.