Might there seriously be a Terrell Owens comeback occurring?


After a video surfaced of former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Terrell Owens running a 4.44, 40 -yard dash, one of the newest Hall of Fame inductees has gained a lot of attention.

Terrell Owens, one of the best receivers in NFL history, is no stranger to being the center of attention. During his career, he was constantly turning heads, whether it was with his on-field play or his off-field antics.

While playing in ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ with the Philadelphia Eagles, the six-time Pro Bowler put up some big numbers. In his two years with Philly, Owens had 124 receptions for a total of 1,963 yards and 20 touchdowns. He holds the franchise record for most receiving touchdowns in a single season and the most receiving yards per game.

Owens wasn’t just known for his stats and knack for finding the end zone. He was also known for his touchdown celebrations.

Two of Owens’ most notable touchdown celebrations came in Philly when he did the “Bird Dance” and when he mocked the pregame ritual dance of former Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis.

Owens has had a lot of success in the NFL, and it looks as though he is ready to continue that success.

He’s still got it.

Owens hasn’t played a down of professional football since 2010 when he was on the Cincinnati Bengals roster, but he certainly still has the speed of an NFL player.

Just this week, the 44-year-old showcased that top-notch speed when he ran a 40-yard dash in 4.44 seconds.


Training for a possible comeback.

Owens has been eyeing a comeback for some time now. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, he assured the sports world that his career was far from over and that he had been working with several NFL players. No timetable for his return was mentioned.

Here’s a quote from T.O.

"People see me and they’ve see me train the last couple of years. I’ve trained with a lot of guys prior to this season, and you know, guys like Antonio Cromartie and some guys from the Jets, and they’re like, ‘Dude. Why aren’t you playin’? You should be playin."

Should an NFL team give him a shot?

Owens is definitely still in shape and has the speed of a professional athlete, but is he the player he was ten years ago? It’s probably safe to say that he isn’t.

Is it truly a dumb question to ask if there’s a team in the league that’s willing to take a chance on the aging receiver? Maybe it is.

Could Philly be a potential landing spot for the former Bird?

Owens has proven he could have success in Philly. He was one of franchise’s top receivers during his tenure with the Eagles, but that was a long time ago.

With receiver Alshon Jeffery recovering from a shoulder injury, ‘The Birds’ may need to look to someone who could take over. Could Owens be that guy? He has the size Jeffery has, and his skill set could serve as a threat for league opponents, maybe.

The Eagles are coming off of a monumental season where they won the franchise’s first Super Bowl. As they look to repeat, they will need someone to step up. Owens could be the one to do so, maybe.


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He’s stepped up in numerous pressure situations.  One of his biggest performances came in Philadelphia’s last Super Bowl appearance in 2005. Owens finished with nine receptions for 122 yards.

His playoff experience could come in handy as the Eagles look to make another run.

The only problem? His age.

Owens’ age seems to be what’s holding him back, that and the fact that he was starting to put a few more balls on the turf later in his career. He is 44 years old, and sooner or later, his body will start to go through the same aging process.

We haven’t even mentioned the attitude or the locker room distractions. You know what? Just forget the whole thing.

At this point, a comeback seems unlikely. It simply isn’t worth the risk for the Eagles. Hey. Maybe another team will give him a shot.