Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson get snubbed from another list

BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Carson Wentz
BALTIMORE, MD - DECEMBER 18: Quarterback Carson Wentz /

Apparently, the Philadelphia Eagles don’t have a top quarterback/coaching duo when it comes to Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz.

Oh, how quickly they forget. Let me ask this question before we get into this – What does former NFL quarterback, and NFL Network analyst David Carr have against the Philadelphia Eagles? To our surprise, the Birds seem to get snubbed more often than not when the Eagles are the topic of discussion from Carr and company.

From last year’s offseason to now, Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz have had their fair share of snubs when discussing the future. Maybe it’s the fact that Wentz struggles to stay healthy. Or perhaps it’s the fact that Pederson still has doubters. Either way, the Eagles should be collecting a ton of bulletin board material from now until next season.

Recently, NFL Analyst David Carr issued another list, which featured his top six head coaching and quarterback duo’s in light of the fact that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are in the Super Bowl once again. It’s clear that the New England Patriots are the NFL’s most prominent dynasty in this era, so naturally, there’s a ton of debates on who’s going to be next. According to Carr, the Eagles weren’t even worthy of a mention on the list. So, let’s see who may have a brighter future.

Let’s get to the obvious choices first:

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With the Los Angeles Rams being in the Super Bowl, Sean McVay and Jared Goff came onto the list. There’s no debate here, as McVay and Goff have had quite a successful relationship over the last two years. During both seasons under McVay, Goff was able to help lead the Rams to the playoffs twice. Although they were bounced out in the Wild Card round in 2017, they clinched a first-round bye in 2018, and are off to Atlanta to play in Super Bowl LIII.

We can’t disagree with this decision. However, we must add in the fact that Doug Pederson and the Eagles have defeated the Rams twice over the last two seasons. Carson Wentz, unfortunately, was injured before the fourth quarter of their matchup last season, but he was a significant factor in beating them the first time around. The Goff versus Wentz debate could be settled this season, but don’t rule out a comeback from No. 11 in 2019. Okay, moving on.

Andy Reid and the potential league MVP Patrick Mahomes also made an appearance on the list. It’s hard to argue with this after the season that Mahomes had. While Andy Reid has an impressive track record of coaching in the NFL, he still doesn’t have any Super Bowl success as a head coach. We’re going to have to assume that Mahomes will be his final franchise quarterback to help make this happen, but seeing as though Reid does not fare well coaching in the postseason, it’s going to be difficult to assume Mahomes-Reid can be a Brady-Belichick.

These choices make sense

An old friend of the Eagles, Frank Reich made the list with his quarterback Andrew Luck. We simply cannot hate on this pick since Reich did an excellent job of turning the Colts around this year. At this point, we will be rooting for the offensive coordinator of the Eagles first ever Super Bowl win. Unless he’s playing Philly, of course.

Also, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll got a mention as well. These two got themselves a Super Bowl, but their ‘dynasty’ window closed early. Seeing as though Wilson is still only 30-years-old, he’s got more than enough experience and years left to continue to make multiple runs if Seattle does a good job building around him.

Now, who were the Eagles snubbed for?

Okay, here’s the ridiculous part of the list. Instead of the Philadelphia Eagles, David Carr decided to list Kyle Shanahan, Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr, Jon Gruden. Seriously? The San Francisco 49ers are still a huge question mark because their quarterback tore his ACL early on during his first season as a franchise quarterback.

However, the Oakland Raiders shouldn’t be anywhere near this list. Obviously, Carr has some bias here considering that his brother is the quarterback of the Raiders. But was Mr. Carr in the loop when the Raiders made it clear that they were still unsure if he’s truly the quarterback of the future or not?

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Let’s be honest, Carr could be out of Oakland as soon as the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft concludes. How could anybody assume that the Raiders have a brighter future than the Eagles after watching Carr and Wentz over the last couple of years?

Are Pederson and Wentz guaranteed to have Super Bowl success moving forward? No, not exactly. However, it’s a bit foolish to assume that the 49ers and the Raiders have a better shot right now after the Eagles just won the Super Bowl last season, and won a playoff game the following year with the amounts of setbacks and injuries they suffered.