Philadelphia Eagles: Potential Super Bowl 54 matchups to fear most

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If the Philadelphia Eagles find a way to reach Super Bowl 54, here are the potential opponents they should fear the most.

Watching the Philadelphia Eagles clinch their second title NFC East title in three seasons by defeating the New York Giants on Sunday was truly incredible to witness, but the team realizes the battle in front of them to earn a trip to Super Bowl 54.

While the main focus at the moment for the Eagles is rightfully on their Wild Card Weekend battle with the Seattle Seahawks, it’s never too early to take a look down the road to February, and which teams the NFC East champions could potentially face from the AFC in Miami.

Talent wise, Philadelphia will seem like a long shot to win three games within the NFC in order to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl when looking at all of the injuries the Eagles have been dealing with, but also crazier things have taken place in the NFL over the years.

After pulling off the unthinkable by earning four must-win games in a row just to secure the division title over the Dallas Cowboys, this Eagles team is playing with all sorts of confidence right now, and could very well earn a win this weekend over the Seahawks.

Looking down the road at potential Super Bowl matchups for a team like Philadelphia may sound premature, but to have a little fun, here are the opponents the Eagles should fear the most from the AFC ranked from sixth to first.

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Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens will rightfully be viewed as the biggest threat from the AFC for Philadelphia, but there are plenty of other threats worth discussing as well.