Philadelphia Eagles: Potential Super Bowl 54 matchups to fear most

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1. Baltimore Ravens

Would the Eagles be able to find a way to keep Jackson and the rest of the high-powered offense of the Ravens in check if the two teams were to square off in Super Bowl 54 down in Miami?

Unfortunately, Jackson has proven to be one of those players who is nearly impossible to build a game plan around due to his explosive style of play, and there’s a reason why Baltimore is considered the team to beat in the AFC entering January.

Back in the offseason, some critics believed the Ravens were taking a huge gamble by paving the way for Jackson instead of giving it another go with Joe Flacco, but Baltimore clearly knew what they were doing.

What Jackson has been able to accomplish during his first full year as the Ravens starting quarterback has been truly incredible to witness, and now the fun part comes of seeing what the playoffs have in store for the former Louisville product.

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Whether it happens to be Philadelphia or another team, any opponent facing the Ravens in the Super Bowl will have their work cut out for them, and as far as the MVP award is concerned, Jackson already appears to be a lock for the honors.