Philadelphia Eagles: 3 reactions to Giants considering Jason Garrett

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Could the Philadelphia Eagles see Jason Garrett stay in the NFC East as a member of the New York Giants?

While the offseason is officially underway for the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFC East champions are still keeping their eyes on the New York Giants to see which head coach the team may hire for the 2020 season, which apparently will be Joe Judge.

A few weeks ago, there were plenty of jokes made about the possibility of Jason Garrett eventually taking over the head coaching job with the Giants if his time with the Dallas Cowboys did officially come to an end.

But after news broke on Tuesday that New York is in fact interested in speaking with Garrett, this previous joke could all of a sudden become realistic if they end up hiring him as an offensive coordinator.

This week, it was previously announced that the Cowboys would be moving forward with Mike McCarthy as their new head coach, meaning Garrett was officially out after 10 years.

After watching the Eagles win the NFC East despite all of their key injuries, it seemed like only a matter of time before Garrett lost his job since this was an unfortunate pattern over the years.

Talent wise, Dallas easily has a roster built for a Super Bowl, yet the team could never seem to get over the hump come playoff time, and Garrett always seemed to be holding the team back year after year.

Time will tell when it comes to seeing how the McCarthy hire plays out in Dallas, but if New York does get their request, and speaks with Garrett, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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Nothing is set in stone at the moment since an interview hasn’t even been scheduled, but since this is still newsworthy, here are some reactions to the idea of the Giants expressing interest in Garrett joining their coaching staff.

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