Philadelphia Eagles: One dream trade target from each team for 2020

Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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San Francisco 49ers: Mike McGlinchey

It can’t be expressed enough just how much of a priority protecting Wentz is going to be for the Eagles moving forward due to his history of injuries.

And while the unit appears to be in great shape for now, it’s no secret that certain players are getting up their in age, meaning Philadelphia may need to start doing more in building a solid group of younger players.

Before the San Francisco 49ers became NFC champions this past season, they were a team going through rebuilding mode, and took advantage of having the No. 9 pick during the draft in 2018 to select Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey.

Little did McGlinchey know at the time he would be joining a 49ers team that would eventually become a top contender in the NFC during his sophomore campaign, and Jimmy Garoppolo certainly enjoys his presence.

Similar to a few other players mentioned on this list from the 2018 draft class, the only way the Eagles could have ever landed McGlinchey that year would have been trading up in the first round.

Seeing how McGlinchey has looked in each of his first two NFL seasons, a deal like this could have been worth it for Philadelphia to consider.