Philadelphia Eagles schedule 2020: Ranking easiest to hardest games

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New Orleans Saints: Week 14 (Home)

If the previous three years are any indication of what the 2020 season has in store for the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton and company should remain one of the top teams to beat within the NFC.

As great as it has been to watch the Saints finish on top of the NFC South in each of the last three seasons, the team has unfortunately dealt with heartbreaking losses in the playoffs each time as well, including last January in overtime to the Minnesota Vikings.

To top it off, New Orleans is far from a lock to finish on top of the division for a fourth year in a row due to the hype surrounding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all of a sudden now that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are officially on board.

Once again, this will be another scenario for the Eagles in which they get to see how they truly look against another top contender in the NFC since even if it happens to be as a Wild Card team down the road, the Saints will most likely be in the playoffs.

Plus, with all of the talk surrounding 2020 possibly being the final year for Drew Brees before retirement, the future Hall of Fame could be more motivated than ever against the Eagles and every other team is this does in fact end up being his final season.