3 Things Philadelphia Eagles fans don’t mention enough about Jalen Hurts

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Jalen Hurts (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Philadelphia Eagles fans don’t spend enough time complimenting Jalen Hurts.

For most of us, the dream of running onto a college football field as the starting quarterback for one of the nation’s elite programs is or was exactly that, a dream. For most of us who are older, we knew early that was a dream that wouldn’t ever come to fruition. Then, there’s Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts. Not only did he live the dream, but he did so at two of the NCAA’s most iconic programs.

The Eagles took Hurts in the second round, 53rd-overall during the most recent NFL Draft. That decision was met with a little angst. It isn’t that Eagles fans don’t like Hurts or respect his talent. It was more about the fact that a team that was looking to get better went with someone that played a position where there didn’t seem to be the same level of need.

In some ways, it resembled when Donovan McNabb was booed after Philly selected him over Ricky Williams in 1999. No one hated “5”. Fans were mad about the fact that the Eagles didn’t take Williams. They just weren’t ready for the Eagles to be right and for them to be wrong.

The angst towards the Hurts selection is similar to that. After seeing so many of Howie Roseman’s draft choices bomb, Eagles fans weren’t ready to be let down again. Philly passed on everyone to defensive end A. J. Epenesa to cornerback Kristian Fulton and running back J. K. Dobbins, three guys who could have added immediate value to select a man that will walk into camp as the third-string quarterback.

What’s done is done, but perhaps, rather than focus on what isn’t the case, maybe we should discuss other things when mentioning this young man. There’s so much more to his story. Here are three things we should probably mention about Hurts more often.

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