Philadelphia Eagles: Top 3 reasonable expectations for Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz #11 (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz #11 (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz #11
Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz #11 (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Expect to see a whole new Carson Wentz in 2020 with the Philadelphia Eagles

As the Philadelphia Eagles prepare for the upcoming season, all eyes will be on quarterback Carson Wentz. Yes, to get the pink elephant out of the room now, we all know that one can’t think of Wentz without thinking of the term “injury” these days.

For all the ups and downs that Wentz has had so far in his four years with the Eagles, year five will hopefully tell a different story in 2020. A story that silences all the critics and naysayers that don’t believe Wentz has it in him to be an elite and consistent quarterback in the NFL.

The Eagles are still a playoff-contending team and how far they go in the NFL Playoffs all depends on what kind of season they get out of Wentz. Will we finally see his true potential as he plays the entire season without making the injury list? Will we see him execute consistently and deliver a blockbuster of a season? Did the Eagles do enough to build around him for continued success from here on out?

Let’s breakdown the top three most realistic expectations for Wentz as he is ready to once and for all prove his worth in 2020. It won’t be easy but if Wentz has any say in it, this will be the year that he finally puts everything together.

Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz #11
Philadelphia Eagles, Carson Wentz #11 (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

54. . . . Forgetting about injury bug. 3. player

Carson Wentz will not let the term “injury” consume him

So far in his pro career, Wentz has had the stigma of being injured dominate the headlines as of late. Many football analysts and gurus don’t believe Wentz has the toughness to endure the long season ahead and play in every game healthy.

All throughout the offseason, Wentz has stayed in shape, adapted new ways of working out, and is all about working towards staying healthy. In the grand scheme of things, he’s in relatively good shape as besides being physical, injuries can also have a mental effect when it comes to game day.

Hopefully, everything he’s doing now will translate to staying healthy week in, week out. It was a shame to see him injured when it mattered most last season in the NFL Playoffs but if the Eagles do head back to the postseason, things will hopefully be different. It’s all a mindset as Wentz will focus on forgetting about the “injury bug” that he’s been labeled with over the last few years.

Competing during the regular season is an enduring one but everything Wentz has done this offseason on top of training camp and preseason action will prove he’s ready for the task. Now it’s his time to prove he can be an effective starter and not miss any large chunks of game time when the new season finally arrives. If Wentz can focus on doing what he does best, his past will not define the present.