5 Options for Philadelphia Eagles if Carson Wentz gets hurt in 2020

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Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)

Concern remains about the Philadelphia Eagles and Wentz’s injury history.

In a game where guys wear helmets, the quarterback position remains the most recognizable on the NFL playing field. He’s the cool kid. He’s the most recognizable player on the team. Casual fans may not be able to pick the third tight end out of a lineup, but they know who the quarterbacks are. Think about it. Would Gisele Bündchen have paid Tom Brady any attention if he played on special teams? The same can be said for the Eagles fan base. Whether you watch the games or not, every Philadelphia Eagles fan knows who Carson Wentz is.

Unfortunately, casual fans can also tell you that Carson Wentz gets hurt a lot. After playing every game of his rookie season in 2016, he finished the 2017 and 2018 season on Philly’s IR (injured reserve), and in 2019, despite playing in every regular-season game, his first playoff appearance ended with a first-quarter exit.

Wentz is brilliant, but he does visit the blue tent a lot. If everything goes according to plan, Philly’s three quarterbacks are “11”, Nate Sudfeld, and Jalen Hurts, but the “Birds” would be wise to plan. That won’t be easy. The free agency pool consists of guys like Matt Moore, Blake Bortles, Sam Bradford, and Trevor Siemian.

The Chicago Bears could give the starting gig to Mitch Trubisky, but if they do, there’s no way the Eagles brass is bringing Nick Foles back home. For some reason, having “11” looking over his shoulder is a thought everyone is afraid of. Options are limited, but we did our best. Here are five realistic options if the “Wentz Wagon” breaks down in 2020 for any reason.

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