Philadelphia Eagles debate table: Can Sidney Jones really get any better?

Sidney Jones (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Sidney Jones (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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While injuries can be used as an argument, some could still state that Jones has had more than enough time to prove his mettle.

Has Jones been hurt? Yes, he has. Is it reasonable to state those injuries could have hampered his opportunity to get better?

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That can also be argued. You can also make the argument that, if injuries, in some people’s minds, are no excuse for Carson Wentz, then, they can’t be used as an excuse for Sidney Jones either.

In the NFL, the majority of the players on the field are competing with some sort of injury. When you look at things from that standpoint, there should be no excuses for Jones or what he’s had to deal with physically.

Second-round draft choices are expected, at minimum, to be key contributors for the team they play on. Truthfully, they’re supposed to eventually become starters or, at least, be very good reserve guys on a roster full of talent.

It’s been three seasons, and as Sidney Jones enters his fourth, no one that calls themselves a “Birds” fan can say that either one of those statements is an accurate one. That’s concerning. What’s worse is this. No one can say that the few plays he’s made have been frequent enough to garner any real excitement.