3 Philadelphia Eagles who are most likely to be surprise cut candidates

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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54. . . . Shareef Miller, defensive end. 2. player

Keep in mind the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles got nothing out of Shareef Miller in Year 1.

At defensive end, we’ve probably all resigned ourselves to the theory that Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett are the starters. Genard Avery and Josh Sweat are the backups. After that, the questions begin.

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If Malik Jackson can play both defensive tackle and defensive end in pass-rushing situations, does Philly really need six defensive ends? Could they spare that roster spot to add to another position? Philly loved Joe Ostman last year, and then, he got hurt at that open practice at Lincoln Financial Field. If he’s back and healthy, might the new defensive end coach, Matt Burke, favor him over both Shareef Miller and the rookie, Casey Toohill? Is Casey Toohill, indeed, better than Shareef Miller?

More often than not, the “Birds” have shown a stubbornness and an inability to give up on players even if that’s exactly what they need to be doing (Mack Hollins, Vinny Curry, Darren Sproles). The “Birds” need to see more out of all of their 2019 draft picks minus Miles Sanders, but last season, they gave up on quarterback Clayton Thorson before the regular season even began.

Don’t be surprised if, in 2020, they give up on the man they took in the round before they acquired Thorson. Miller was seen as a gamble when the Eagles took him. They got nothing out of him during his rookie season. Casey Toohill might be a better option. They could always place Miller on the practice squad. Update: Since the release of this story, reports have surfaced that the Eagles are signing Vinny Curry to a one year deal.