Philadelphia Eagles debate table: 4 Arguments to support trading Zach Ertz

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2. Simply put, this Philadelphia Eagles roster is aging rapidly

After turning down an extension that would have paid him $12 million per year last March, Ertz’ future in Philadelphia remains uncertain. Fans and analysts speculated ahead of the most recent draft about a potential trade that never came, and as of right now, Ertz still remains on the Eagles roster.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald recently toyed with the idea of the Miami Dolphins trading for Ertz. His premise is that the ‘Fins’ have the cap space and the draft picks to make it happen. He also mentioned the fact that both organizations have had a good relationship and have dealt with one another in the past.  Might the Dolphins explore his idea or might another team with cap space and draft picks take a swing at ’86’?

So, let’s say the Eagles somehow manage to trade Ertz and get a first or a second-round pick. The move might not be welcomed in the locker room. A few of Malcolm Jenkins’ former teammates weren’t happy when he was allowed to walk, especially after he was so cooperative in bailing the team out time and time again with several restructures of his own deal. Current teammates might not approve of the Pro Bowl tight end leaving Philadelphia, but if this was spun as a move that helped fix the books and replenish an aging roster, this could be something younger players looking to score deals of their own down the line can buy into.

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The team’s best vertical-threat, DeSean Jackson, is 33 years old and injury-prone. Age is catching up with Brandon Graham, and Alshon Jeffery just can’t stay healthy. They all account for a hefty amount of cap space in 2021, and outside of Graham, Philly didn’t get much out of this trio in 2019. The results aren’t justifying the investments.

Sure, ‘D-Jax’ is a legend, and Jeffery and Graham helped the Eagles win the Super Bowl to conclude the 2017-2018 season, but they’re all giving diminishing results every year. Moving on from them and trading Ertz could give the ‘Birds’ some cap relief.