Philadelphia Eagles debate table: 4 Arguments to support trading Zach Ertz

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3. The Philadelphia Eagles can clear some space to sign younger talent later by moving Ertz and saying goodbye to a few fan favorites.

Speaking of injecting youth on the roster, there’s a linebacker corps and a defensive line that could use some game-changers who are younger than 29 years old. On offense, this team has some young potential, but there are more question marks than answers with the young guys. Sure, we don’t know if Andre Dillard is anything close to what Jason Peters was as a left tackle position. We also don’t know if these young wide receivers will pan out, but the defense could also benefit from reinforcements.

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Some blame Roseman for all the attrition the team is going through. Then, there’s the constant fear that he could still fumble with any draft picks the Birds hypothetically get in return from moving Ertz, but if Howie wants to right the financial ship, the ‘Birds’ have to start somewhere.

The cap isn’t going to fix itself, and this team has to get younger and make good on a few previous misses, so even if there’s a fear that future draft selections could potentially turn into Sidney Jones 2.0, stockpiling draft picks and landing some less-expensive talent is definitely a better plan than not doing anything at all.

Teams have to pay their stars market value or more. That’s how competitive franchises remain at the top while the bottom-dwellers struggle to get out of the hole. The Eagles have rewarded their homegrown talent in the past, including Ertz. They just need to make sure they’re paying the right players, and lately, that hasn’t always happened.

Could the Eagles draft better? Absolutely, they could. Doing so would also decrease the need to bring in the expensive free agents and help them prioritizing paying their homegrown talent. It’s time to learn from past mistakes, which hasn’t always happened, but if this team can turn it around, we may not have to worry them making the same mistakes in the future.

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A wise man once said that those that don’t know their history are doomed to overpay free agents in order to compensate for bad drafting (or something like that). This Eagles’ roster isn’t on life support yet and as long as they have Carson Wentz, they’ve got a chance but it’s time to get smarter. This team’s leadership is too smart for this team to be in this position.