Philadelphia Eagles debate table: 4 Arguments to support trading Zach Ertz

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4. Dallas Goedert can become the Philadelphia Eagles’ new go-to tight end (if he isn’t that already).

Carson Wentz would have one less weapon if Ertz left the ‘City of Brotherly Love,’ but if you’re an Eagles fan, you’re in luck. Dallas Goedert is in town, and although we don’t know how he would fare as the top tight end on the depth chart, he’s shown in his first two seasons to prove he can be trusted.

If he thrives, the Eagles will have to look at paying in 2022, the same time Ertz’s deal is set to expire. It’s hard to imagine Philly paying top dollar to two tight ends. To make long stories short, trading Ertz would make it easier to craft a deal for ’88’.

It’s unlikely the Eagles want to part ways with Ertz now. He’s signed through 2022, but most of us can agree that there’s no reason to believe that this team doesn’t see Goedert as a part of their long-term plans. Parting ways with a top-three tight end doesn’t make sense on the surface, but if you have a top-five tight end waiting in the wings, it softens the blow slightly.

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Goedert had solid numbers in 2019, and though some don’t view him as being in the same stratosphere as Ertz yet, he’s earned an expanded role. It may take a bit of an adjustment period for Wentz and the Eagles offense, but this is a move that could eventually reap long-term rewards. Trading Ertz wouldn’t be a popular move among some of the fan base and the Eagles locker room, but it could pave the way for the arrival of new talent and salary cap health. The positives outdo the negatives in this case, even if the direct results are uncomfortable.