Philadelphia Eagles: Ranking their top 4 collapses of Doug Pederson’s era

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /
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The annual collapse is a tale Philadelphia Eagles fans know all too well.

For most of us, even the most die-hard of Philadelphia Eagles fan has to be reeling right now. Tell, the truth. Whether you’re subscribed to your local cable company’s service or one of those streaming platforms like Sling TV, even if you had stored Week 1’s game on your Cloud DVR or whatever you store your on-demand stuff on, you could have known the outcome of Philly’s most recent game and still would have expected to see an Eagles victory over the Washington Football Team.

That’s how ridiculously unexplainable Week 1’s loss was, but it isn’t the first time that something like this has happened. Embarrassing losses to inferior teams has become an annual routine for Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and his staff.

Here’s what can’t be denied. For the Eagles themselves, there’s no time for mourning. If they don’t right the ship, and we mean this week, they’ll be 0-2 by Sunday afternoon with two losses coming by way of NFC opponents (and one from a member of their own division).

So, yes, Week 1’s loss is behind us, for the most part, but it’s tougher for fans to move on sometimes. This wasn’t supposed to be how the 2020 season began, and if we’re being honest, it’s hard to determine the last time this fan base felt these same emotions.

Then again, maybe it isn’t. Collapses have been frequent during the Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman era, and here are a few of the worst. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Here are the most colossal implosions of the last three seasons or the best of the worst or the worst collapses ranked.

Whatever. You get the point. Here’s the list.