Philadelphia Eagles versus 49ers: 4 Important matchups to watch

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Do the Philadelphia Eagles have anyone that can cover George Kittle?

If you love this Eagles team, it’s safe to say that you’ve pulled out a sheet of paper, drawn Xs and Os in the dirt, and pulled out your XBOX or Playstation controller to work out what you’ve been seeing on the field in your own way. Trust and believe you aren’t alone. Fans all over the country have been trying to deal with the atrocity that has manifested itself into an 0-2-1 win-loss total.

Most of our de-escalation techniques have led us back to football. None have made us feel better because we all have reminded ourselves that, unlike our Playstations and XBOX consoles, we can’t just scrap a game we’re losing a start anew. We do come up with some good ideas though, don’t we?

Here’s one that’s debatable. Why can’t Jalen Mills just be moved back to cornerback? Yeah, he got burned a lot on the outside, but he’s better than Avonte Maddox and Trevor Williams, right? Then again, if Mills moves to the cornerback position, who’s playing safety? K’Von Wallace?

One theory is as follows. If Mills got burned so much versus wide receivers, shadowing tight ends as a safety might benefit him and the Philadelphia Eagles. Tight ends, after all, are often slower and less shifty than wideouts, and that may benefit him unless of course, the other team’s call is a running play, but here’s something else to think about.

Who can cover George Kittle (or attempt to) if it isn’t Jalen Mills? It sure isn’t Nathan Gerry or any of these Eagles linebackers.