Philadelphia Eagles versus 49ers: 4 Important matchups to watch

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4. player. 54. . . . Doug Pederson versus the Eagles

In some ways, the Philadelphia Eagles’ biggest speed bump has been their coach.

Before Eagles head coach Doug Pederson can give any thought to outsmarting 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, he’ll need to get out of his own team’s way and refrain from outsmarting himself. The point is not to make Saleh’s job easy for him, but that’s seemingly where Week 4’s Sunday Night Football game appears to be headed.

Fans are expecting Doug to do something that will make them want to throw something at their own television. Watching Doug call games has almost been like watching Tony Romo predict what’s coming on the call with Jim Nantz during those CBS broadcasts. Well, Philly fans have been doing their own Romo impersonation.

No offense is intended of course. No self-respecting and ‘Birds’-loving Philadelphia Eagles fan would enjoy being compared to Romo, but you have to admit that calling Pederson’s gameplans ‘vanilla’ is an understatement.

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Think about it this way, if we as fans can see what’s coming, opposing defensive coordinators have to feel like they’re in the huddle sometimes. Doug is either afraid to cut loose because he lacks the personnel he desires, or we were all right when we said that all of the imagination left this team when Frank Reich did. Come on Doug! Let’s get creative!