4 Philadelphia Eagles that have worn out their welcome after a month

Doug Pederson (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
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player. 54. . . . Jason Peters, left tackle. 2

It’s past time for the Philadelphia Eagles and Jason Peters to part ways.

In an NFL where defensive tackles are about six-foot-five, 265 pounds and run the 40-yard dash in about five seconds or less, the Philadelphia Eagles, some of their fans, and a ton of members of the Philly media thought the best course of action was to bring in an old Jason Peters who proved last season that the game had passed him by.

Great job guys and gals! That’s some great insight.

No one’s saying that this team shouldn’t occasionally look outside of their own nest to find guys that can help them win. If you thought DeAndre Hopkins, Yannick Ngakoue, and Jamal Adams shouldn’t have gotten more consideration than they did, you’re fooling yourself.

All we’re saying is Jadeveon Clowney wasn’t the answer, and LeSean McCoy wasn’t the answer. The reasons were obvious. Brining Vinny Curry back was never going to be the answer. Neither was reacquiring Darren Sproles, and Corey Clement, and Jason Peters. Many of you have watched this team for years. How is it possible that you’re still beating some of those drums?

Jason Peters looks like he’s playing in quicksand, and it’s disturbing that some of you didn’t see this coming. Hopefully, the point has been driven home now. This guy should never play another down of football for the Philadelphia Eagles again. The thought of Jordan Mailata starting the next 12 games is scary, but like Fulgham and Hightower, his presence leads some to believe, and rightfully so, that it’s time to see what this team has in terms of youth.