2 Reasons Philadelphia Eagles must move on from Jim Schwartz

Jim Schwartz (Credit: Inagn Images photo pool)Sports Eagles
Jim Schwartz (Credit: Inagn Images photo pool)Sports Eagles /
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Jim Schwartz, Philadelphia Eagles
Jim Schwartz, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s time that the Philadelphia Eagles move on from Jim Schwartz.

Well, the Inside The Iggles staff did our part, or at least we tried. Any Philadelphia Eagles fan that follows us knows that, if we haven’t done anything else, we’ve done two things. We’ve defended Carson Wentz. We’ve done the same for Jim Schwartz, most of the time.

There have been those instances where we objectively argued both sides, giving an unbiased opinion on why the argument could be made for his dismissal or why he should leave or what we thought about every decision to keep him. Yep, you can make the argument that through the storms (and there were many), no one spent more time defending ‘General Schwartz’ than we did.

Unfortunately, there’s no defense for what has gone on recently. This guy has to go, and it’s obvious. The question is, if he does get canned, who pulls the trigger? For one reason or another, we’ve all had our doubts about how much say Doug Pederson really has, especially in making decisions about who is on his coaching staff.

If you’ll remember, Doug never brought Jim here in the first place. That was Eagles executive vice president and general manager Howie Roseman’s decision. So, one would assume that, if Jim does indeed leave, Howie is the one who will pull the trigger. That causes worry because, well, who trusts Howie’s judgment right about now? Let’s hope the lightbulb comes on because, folks, this ain’t working. Here are two of about ten reasons why it’s time for Schwartz to go.