4 Philadelphia Eagles this team can shop to other NFL franchises

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player. 54. . . . Jalen Mills, defensive back. 4

It’s time for the Philadelphia Eagles to move on from ‘The Goblin’.

The Philadelphia Eagles can’t fall into the same cycle with Jalen Mills that they have seemingly fallen into with Vinny Curry, Corey Clement, and Jason Peters (and, before that, Darren Sproles and Ronald Darby). Due to an inability to draft well and because this team keeps locking itself into bad deals with older players, over the past few seasons, this team has had to ‘kick the tires’, so to speak, on quite a few guys out of desperation.

That’s why Clement is still here, and that’s why Philly had to rent Darby for one more season than they wanted to. That’s why Sproles kept getting ‘one more run’ even though it was obvious that he was done.

Some people still don’t get it. That’s why you hear the ‘we want LeSean McCoy’ guys, but in the case of Jalen Mills, things feel different. The ‘Green Goblin’ was never the perfect corner, but that move to safety didn’t work either. What’s worse is, now that he’s had to play cornerback again out of necessity, he actually looks worse than he did when he played there the first time.

If Philly’s smart they’ll look at this guy, realize that he’s on a one-year deal, and try to find some sort of trade partner. They should be able to find someone they can dump him off on. It won’t be easy, but it’s doable. Sidney Jones also found a home. That should tell you everything.