4 Philadelphia Eagles this team can shop to other NFL franchises

Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Nathan Gerry, Philadelphia Eagles
Nathan Gerry, Philadelphia Eagles (Credit: Imagn Images) /

. . Nathan Gerry, linebacker. 3. player. 54.

Yes, Philadelphia Eagles fans, the ‘White Snake’ represents some value.

How many of you are thinking that there’s no way that Philly can find a trade partner if they use Nathan Gerry for bait? If you’re in that group, don’t give up hope yet. Nelson Agholor found a home. Many of you thought that was impossible. As mentioned earlier, Sidney Jones is still playing. Again, many of you thought his career was over.

In the NFL, you can always fool some of the other teams once. You may not fool them twice, but you can pull a fast one every now and again. Look at how many chances Josh Norman has gotten. He basically built a career and made a fortune off of one amazing season.

It’s hard to remember this sometimes because of how bad his first five games in 2020 have been, but Nathan Gerry actually has some good film floating around. He’s made a few plays, and whether ‘Birds’ fans want to believe this or not, there are a few defensive coordinators who have a lot of good things to say about his ability.

He’s in a contract season, and it would be wise for Philly to get something out of him rather than letting him walk in the offseason and getting nothing in return.